Monocle x Porter Baby Boston Bag


At Monocle, we believe that Porter creates some of the sturdiest, most useful and good-looking bags in the world, and for that very reason, we commissioned the company to produce a range of bags for our readers and staff.
All five versions share the same pared-down aesthetic, yet each one is designed for a very different purpose. Whether it be a weekend away, a day in the office, or an afternoon about town, these bags are tailor-made for the Monocle reader, wherever you live in the world. They are available in black or green.

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Margaret Howell + Porter bags

Margaret Howell’s collaboration with Yoshida & Company on a collection of bags based on their famed Porter brand. Each bag has a lightweight and durable construction designed to appeal to both women and men. I’m not a complete fan,at least at this price point, but there is no denying that these will uphold the quality workmanship both Yoshida and Margaret Howell are known for. The bags are sold in Margaret Howell UK and Japan stores.
Margaret Howell bags

Porter ‘Zoom’ bags

Found on Arknets are a new range of casual bags – the Zoom Collection. It’s a big hard to translate the Japanese. This new line includes backpacks, messenger bags, waist bags, and cases. The messenger pictured above is a combination of oil/water resistant leather and nylon in black, while the others, seen after the jump, include a modernistic silver. The silver is a bit too space 1999 for me. All are viewable at Ark.

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Head Porter iPhone Case

I’m a big fan of Porter bags, as seems every kid on a motorcycle around these parts, and while I won’t argue that this is their best design effort to date, the Black Beauty iPhone is a worthy addition to an overflowing closet of bags. You can use it as a sleeve and attach it to your bag, backpack, or your belt. I’m going to head down to my local dealer over the weekend and check it out, other wise you might try ordering from The-Glade.

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Porter Duffle

I came across this duffle from Headporter last night while out scouting around the ‘younger peoples’ fashion shops in the downtown core. I want to buy it but it was incredibly overpriced. While not the most durable bag I’ve come across I do like the flight jacket motif. Very light and understated.
I still have a backpack designed by an American company, tucked away in storage in Canada, which shares many of the characteristics of this line. Unfortunately that bag was designed to carry trumpets, the main reason it isn’t with me today.

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Porter Day Pack

My love affair with Porter bags continues with this square two color day pack. It’s got a classic look that I like very much. Large enough to carry a 13″ laptop, camera, books, and or notebooks. The zippered opening looks very convenient. There are few bags more perfect than this.

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Porter Boston Bag

This bag from Porter is perfect for overnight excursions or as a day time carry-all. Made with nylon with double seams. Has inside zippered and exterior velcro pockets. Love the style and quality.

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Porter Wacko Maria Backpack

Another fine bag from Porter which will only improve with age. This backpack is made from thin cotton canvas with oiled leather accents. The Wacho Maria has a shoe compartment at the bottom making this an ideal gym or beach bag. I’d love to take this on long excursions but due to the inevitable wet weather it might not be practical. Could it be made weather proof? More information here and more pictures after the jump.
I wish that Yoshida Kaban would make their products more widely available to an international market. It’s hard as hell to buy Porter bags.

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Porter Grocery Tote

Porter introduces it’s replacement for the increasingly less ubiquitous plastic shopping bag. This must be the category of bag with the highest growth as I keep coming across all types of beautiful designs. I like Porters homage to the brown bags of old. Their concept follows:

The new tote bag named “grocery tote” has such minimal design which reminds us of paper bag of market.
The special cotton fabric called “typewriter cloth”, which is used for the printing ribbon of type writer, is selected for the material of this bag. This dense fabric is also used for down-jacket which keeps fine down. By gluing poplin lining together, the firm texture like paper is produced.
Moreover, the “EVA sheet (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer)”, the interlining which functions as glue, is a ecologic material which doesn’t belch dioxin when it’s burnt. It is gathering attention from various industries as a vinyl-alternative material.
Minimizing the use of thread, parts, and sewing process such as stitch and seam, you can enjoy the realistic “paper bag texture” realized by only pressing on this “grocery tote”.
Let’s start something for our future.

Available here.

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Porter Space Invader Bags and Wallets

A new line from Porter to premier next year. I dig the hip bag.

Tokyo based Yoshida & Co. are no stranger to collaborations with video game properties. Yoshida’s Porter line has had a long standing relationship with Sony, resulting in a long line of PS Pictogram cases in which PlayStation Portables can be crammed. The pricey Porter line is going to be further extended in 2008 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of Taito’s Space Invaders. [kotaku]

See the new line here. Thanks to Jean Snow who also shares my enthusiasm for Porter.