Swims Dress Overshoes

Are dress overshoes becoming fashionable again? I could just just see myself buying a pair of the Swims mobster, the boot cut pictured above, as an alternative to wearing sandals and carrying my shoes in a bag. The rainy season is long here and I always dread stomping through water in dress shoes while en-route to some meeting.

SWIMS allows you to wear your favourite shoes regardless of weather conditions, while also providing a classy look. Slip’em on before walking wet or muddy streets and slip’em off when you arrive. Enhanced comfort is assured and your shoes will stay shiny and clean.
– Pull on & pull off loop – Intelligent fit and great stretch ensures a good fit – Our unique inner lining serves many purposes: Low frictition when slipping on & off, moisture prevention, insulation to keep feet warm in cold weather and a unique polishing action. – Extra traction helps for better grip on slippery surfaces – Shock-absorbing heal – Tear-resistant – Waterproof


Crocs Footwear

Just about every second person I ran into during my recent trip home was wearing a pair of crocs. That is enough to give me pause but since my daughter absolutely loves hers I bought myself a pair. They are surprisingly comfortable and just about perfect for the variable weather here in Taiwan. Crocs seem to illicit strong reactions from people who either love or hate them. Me? I’m somewhere in the middle. They are quite practical and at $30.00 they are somewhat cheap too (numerous knock-offs abound for less than half the price).

Simple Shoes

While this may be a rather odd introduction to a great pair of sneakers I realised these past few weeks that it’s one thing to sit and talk (or write) about living a mobile lifestyle and quite another to get up and actually live it. Having a Blackberry or a bag that won’t break your back are good enablers but my sore feet have been telling me I have been neglecting probably the most important item – shoes. You owe it to yourself to get great shoes. Look for simplicity and comfort, and forget heels.
My old sneakers have served me very well but I have all but destroyed them with my constant wandering about. Simple Shoes no longer make the Crusher but their OS Sneaker-Cork look to be suitable replacements. They feature distressed leather and canvas uppers, “Tech Oink” linings, cork and rubber midsole, and a gum rubber outsole. Sure there are more purpose built shoes out there, and I own a few pair, but Simple Shoes provide great all around comfort at a price that seems reasonable. Their Men’s OS Sneaker-Cork are about $70.00US on their site.