WOM Van sac Bag

WOM Van sac Bag
WOM Van sac Bag
Love this bag. I get the feeling I have shared this bag in the past but I can’t find it in the archives. This reminds me of one of my favourite bags, a old Canadian military duffle that I have in storage in Canada, but at about a quarter of the size. This makes it far more useful as a quick stuff sack for a weekend or over night getaway. Of course the styling is updated and it looks nice on an attractive model. Nice colours.
WOM Van sac military influenced ruck sack

Workers Canvas Shoulder Bag

workers shoulder bag
Bags of this size and type are fairly popular here; at least in the areas I frequent. They seem to be used as a sort of upscale shoulder strap version of the shaving bags gangster types carry their gear in. Most I see are Porter or clones made from poor materials.
This canvas bag from Workers is made from all natural materials and would make a great bag to carry your daily essentials. It might be to much like a purse for many but I think it looks fine.
Workers Canvas Shoulder Bag

Hobo Shoulder Bag

Hobo Shoulder Bag
Combining classic looks, great materials and Japanese design, these shoulder bags from Hobo have all the elements of a great everyday bag. Naturally I love the materials – 100% cotton canvas is finished in distressed cow leather, nylon and aged bronze hardware. I’m not a fan of buckle straps but otherwise this looks to be perfect bag to carry your essentials.
Hobo Washed Canvas No.4 Shoulder Bag

Escotype Flag Bag

Escotype Flag
One of the latest trends I’ve noticed lately is adding a shoulder strap to a small tube sized bag which for women functions as a sportier replacement for a purse and for men a replacement to the ubiquitous handheld shaving kit bag. Anything that stops Chinese guys from carrying around those bags is a welcome development. What these new bags generally lack is versatility and is many case quality construction. The Flag by Escotype has the versatility, quality and importantly style that so many of these bags lack.

Flag is a mixed leather/nylon collapsible utility bag, featuring a large internal cell with a smaller secondary pocket. ‘Flag’ may be worn off the shoulder or across the body, fully extended for maximum internal space, or folded in half for maximum portability.

Beautiful details.
Escotype Flag

Belstaff Colonial shoulder bag

Belstaff Colonial shoulder bag
This cotton canvas bag from Belstaff is reminicent of the type of bag I used to love years ago (with much better detailing to what I could afford then) but impractical for the type of bag I use today. I always seem in a rush to get things in and out of my bags. The main features of this bag are its’ materials and craftsmanship – the bag is made from English cotton canvas that’s been woven on an “original loom” to replicate the original irregularity of the fabric. They cheat (I think it’s cheating) by giving the fabric a “special” washing to help give the bag a well used look and feel. Great leather trim and tons of pockets. I love the look.
Belstaff has been making great technical gear since their founding in 1924 — I do love their new hero jacket. If only I could afford it.
Belstaff Colonial shoulder bag

Ornj Shoulder Bag

ornj shoulder bag
A bag with holes* only has so many uses but does look unique and interesting. Ornj bags are created out of recycled construction fencing, pulled out of abandoned fields and building sites.
Ornj Shoulder Bag
*Removable liners, made out of recycled sweat-shirts, are available for $15.
Via swissmiss.

Qwstion Quick Pack

Leave your heavy bag at the hotel and carry this small urban scouting bag while you spend time exploring your new environment.

Qwstion’s over-the-shoulder handy-sized bag comes with ample space for personal items. It has Internal front section features, integrated pen, MP3 and camera pockets with PVC-lined inner wall for toiletry items. It also has a main compartment that fits books or clothing.

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Fjällräven Vintage Shoulder bag

Though I recently featured their Fjällräven Kanken Rucksack, their style is so classic and the quality so impeccable I had to go back for more. A colleague of mine here has a Maxi Kånken and I swear it gets better the more she uses it. The Fjällräven Vintage Shoulder bag looks like a great day bag and a great touring bag while traveling (leave your larger bag in your room). The interior is A4 sized (yes!) with 1 main compartment with zippered safety pocket. Also the bag has 3 front pockets under the lid and 1 spacious back pocket with velcro closure. It’s made with water resistant polyester cotton blend.

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Tom Bihn’s Side Effect

Tom Bihn recently released their iteration on the venerable waist pack. It looks like a great bag to have on hand when you want to get out and do some field scouting. From Tom Bihn, “The Side Effect can be used three different ways: as a shoulder bag (included is a shoulder strap that fits neatly inside of the bag when not in use), a waist pack (the waist strap tucks away when not in use), or as an organizer bag for toiletries, computer cables, or other small items”.

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Eagle Creek Scout

Last night while out doing some trend spotting, my 3 old son tells me blue Nike sneakers are cool, I came across some bags from Eagle Creek which I like. We have at least 1 Eagle Creek duffle which has served us well and I use their packing cubes whenever I travel. So I know their quality is generally top notch.
The Eagle Creek Scout looks perfect for city day tripping or for the traveller who doesn’t need to carry their life on their back. It looks perfect for carrying a camera (it’s padded), notebook, and a few gadgets and accessories. The side mesh pockets are great for your reusable water bottles and perhaps a small umbrella.
I think many people will like the ability to carry this on your waist, thereby freeing your shoulders and keeping you a bit cooler in the heat, but I always find that attaching anything to my waist causes my pants to fall down. Not the most pleasant experience in a crowd of people.
It comes in more than one color for those who think black is boring.

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Jem Filippi’s Multi Pocket Bag


Inspired by street fashion and industrial design, Filippi created this practical and functional bag with multiple zipper pockets to organize contents. Designed to be worn across the body, it is made of durable, high-quality Japanese textured nylon with leather accents.

Available at the MoMA Store

Presse mixed material utility bag

Very ‘technical’ looking bag with great use of mixed materials. I especially like how they designed the outside pockets.

‘Presse’ is a mixed leather/nylon utility bag comprising a large internal cell, multiple internal/external pockets and a leather-braced gusset. A shock-resistant divider provides increased protection for laptops and other valuables during transportation. Able to accommodate laptops up to 17″.

You can find it at the ECSOTYPE online store.

Xuxabag Diaper Bag

I wish we had one of these when we were lugging around diapers and such.

This is a fun bag for over the shoulder. It has a nice wide strap for comfort with two extra pockets to store stuff in. The inside fabric is cotton. The brown stripes on the outside are cotton and the green stripes are velvet.

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