Wake Alarm for iPhone

Wake Alarm – Slap, flip or shake your phone to get up with Wake the beautiful and intuitive alarm for iPhone. Wake combines a simple gesture based UI for setting alarms with a more natural user interface, that goes beyond touch, for snoozing and turning off alarms. Need an extra ten minutes in bed? Simply slap your phone to trigger the snooze function. Want to turn off your alarm? Just flip your phone over.

I’m not sure I want to interact this much with my iPhone when I first wake up but I certainly appreciate the work that went into this great app.

Tunetrace, photograph drawings to make music

Make drawings on paper, photograph them with Tunetrace and then hear them transformed into music.

When you photograph a real drawing, the image becomes a computer program that generates live music. Watch as Tunetrace gradually translates your photograph into a skeleton of line endings and crossings. Then the real magic begins. Twinkling lights obey a few very simple rules to navigate your drawing, making music as they go.

3 Apps For A Day Of Golfing In Paradise

There’s nothing like heading out on a clear sunny day for a round of nine or eighteen on the links. A pleasant breeze blows the flags just a little, touching the dewed grass just as the sun comes up over the horizon to mark a new day of golfing. Is there any pairing better than golf and good weather?

As it turns out, there is: golf and technology. Technology that makes golf not only easier and more convenient but also more fun is always in demand, and as the world becomes more mobile, so too does the world of golf spring forth into the electronic age. Believe us; once you review the kind of golfer’s technology available today, you’ll know why this is a good thing. Here are a few pieces of technology you might want to check out.

Swing by Swing

If you could pick just one application to use while golfing, what would it be? The chances are that there isn’t just one app you’d pick—you need more than one in order to keep score and to find the range of your next shot. If you can combine the two functions into one app, you’d get Swing by Swing, an Android-friendly application designed for just about everything you could possibly need when you’re already out there on the links, from tracking your distance to tracking the amount of shots you’ve already taken.

The application has been featured in sources as wide-ranging from Golf Magazine to the New York Times, establishing its popularity as one of the chief golfer applications around. In other words, there’s a good chance you won’t need another app once your Android phone is ready to run Swing by Swing.

Golf Buddy Voice

If you want something beyond the mobile sphere, then it’s time to upgrade to Golf Buddy Voice, a device that essentially acts like a caddy, giving you shot information, telling you what areas to avoid, etc. all by actually playing a voice!

The features on the Golf Buddy Voice include audio distance information (i.e., the caddy will tell you the distance of your next shot from the pin) as well as support for a wide range of greens and holes. In essence, the Golf Buddy Voice is the robot caddy you always wish you had, only this caddy also comes with a volume control for making the trip a little bit more user-friendly.

Golf Logix (iPhoneAndroid

Perhaps the most-downloaded golf app available, Golf Logix is the kind of all-in-one app that you want if you are a novice golfer and want to be sure that you have the latest and greatest. Golf Logix is particularly known for helping you to set tee times with local courses, ensuring that you don’t miss the local deals or any of the local courses. This is especially nice to have while on vacation, when you’re not sure about the golfing opportunities in the surrounding area, but can be great to use year-round for any of your golfing excursions.

Carrie Thompson, who writes for ForeUp, is an avid blogger who enjoys hiking, biking and traveling in her free time. Although Carre is not a golfer, her phone sticks close by her side for other app-related uses throughout the day.

ScoreCleaner Notes: Instantly Transpose Your Ideas Onto Sheet Music

A noteworthy app - The mobile becomes a music writing tool

Need some instant musical notation to remember that little tune you just came up with? A new mobile app created by a researcher from KTH Royal Institute of Technology makes it possible to score any melody instantly and share it.

The ScoreCleaner Notes application listens to your melody, instantly writes it out in musical notation, and then makes it possible to share the written music via social media websites or email, says Sven Emtell, who developed the app as part of his computer engineering master’s degree project at KTH with collaborator Sven Ahlbäck, who is now a professor at Stockholm Music University.

Users need not know how to read or write music, Emtell says. Even playing an instrument is optional. The user can hum or sing the melody into their mobile’s microphone, and the app instantly displays the notation on the screen, with the right key, tempo and time signature.

“We want to revolutionize the music industry,” Emtell says. “This app is revolutionary because it has the potential to unleash the creativity of musicians and music teachers worldwide.”

With the growing interest in online musical collaboration, such an app could do just that.

More here.

Nappy Notifier

Ogilvy Beijing’s Nappy Notifier tells parents when their baby needs changing. They brought together a moisture sensor and a Bluetooth low energy transmitter. And then fit it in a smaller, safe package. This device is connected to an app, that even has a wetness tolerance setting.

Top 5 Educational Apps That Also Entertain Elementary School Children

More than being a mere tool for entertainment, tablets are changing the way kids learn. There are some excellent apps out there for young learners to tackle just about any subject, and some can even compete with Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. These apps were selected based on their ability to hold children’s attention as well as their ability to help them learn new subjects. Each tackles diverse subject matter, rounding out kids’ early education.


With Story Builder, kids can learn how to construct creative paragraphs properly, and without the oversight of a teacher. That is, the app provides enough feedback and repetition to assist young children in the ways of story building. Youthful users create a story by answering a question that corresponds with a playful cartoon image. They string their answers together, creating paragraphs and then entire stories. Kids can then record their stories for playback.


This app was specially designed for the elementary school children who take an early interest in becoming astronomers. Planets‘ peek into 3-D skies continually garners excellent reviews, earning children’s interests with its real time views of the night skies. Kids can zoom around the galaxy and opt for a number of features, including Infrared Sky, X-Rays and Radio Waves.

Bobo Explores Light

This kid-friendly app took home the Apple Design Award in 2012 and continues to entice children and collect excellent user reviews. Younger children will especially love playing with cute robot Bobo in a virtual world in which they can bend colorful rays of light. Bobo Explores Light uses a touch dial table of contents allowing access to a virtual solar system to encourage kids to explore via touch. More than that, kids will be enticed by the app’s gorgeous graphics and Bobo’s suggestions as they explore this unique world of light science, learning how light is created, what it consists of, and how we use it.

Awesome Upstander

Today’s kids are no strangers to bullying; it’s one aspect of playground politics that tends to remain constant. As communications continue to improve, bullying has taken on new, virtual forms. It’s important for parents to instruct their kids on how to deal with bullies, but Awesome Upstander takes things a step further, showing kids how to draw successful boundaries without sparking the ire or ridicule of other children. Awesome Upstander teaches kids how to deal with bullies in an interactive world where they must run, jump and sprint around school campus, joining forces with their friends to defend themselves against the bully.

Math Evolve

A Fun Math Game: One of the top-rated math games for kids, Math Evolve reminds older folks of arcade-style games, but that’s only part of the appeal. This space-themed math app holds kids’ interest by sending them off on an intergalactic mission. They solve math puzzles as they shoot down enemy alien spacecrafts. Players must be vigilant of enemy fire even as they solve math problems – getting hit with a laser beam is as destructive as entering the wrong answer. Each mission takes on a different math operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Math Evolve won a number of wards, including second place as Best Educational Game of 2011 and Editors Choice as Best Apps for Kids.

While thoroughly entertaining for the child playing with them, these fun apps teach important skills and knowledge. Who said learning can’t be fun and games?

School teacher Mary Walters works with elementary students on a daily basis, as well as having one of her own at home. Mary enjoys sharing helpful tips for education with her readers and has also contributed to Top Education Degrees, a great place for people who want to become a teacher to find the information they need.

Track All Your Online Purchases Via Slice App For iPhone

slice app for iphone

We all like to keep track of our expenditures, no matter whether we are very rich or just the middle class people. But it is very hard to keep track of all the expenses if we deal with cash and checks.

These days most of the required things of daily needs are available over the internet and we pay via debit or credit cards. Although keeping record of payments done by debit or credit cards is pretty easier than other ways but still it is very hectic for people like me who has lots of things to remember in a single day.

As money is very important asset and its proper management is very necessary so I searched for some apps that can manage and keep record of all the purchases which I do online and save them for me. I didn’t find too many results in this category but still got a really worth app.

Slice is free app available in the productivity category on the official iTunes store and it is compatible with all latest and previous Apple devices.

Slice keeps a record of all your online purchases. If you’ve ordered any product then this app will provide you notification regarding its shipping and delivery details and that too via push notifications.

It also provides notifies you whenever the price drops of any product you’re planning to buy. You can add details of all your online orders by either scanning the barcode or entering the tracking number.

It also saves and keeps record of all the payments done by me over the internet while purchasing any item or services. It keeps all the e-receipts which I can check whenever you’re free to calculate your monthly or weekly expenditure. It keeps record of all of your online transactions history so that you can easily search for the things you’ve already purchased in past.

Another great feature of this app is that when your product is shipped you can track that on the map.

Thinking of sending gift to a friend? Then try this app and using it you will be able to track the order completely.

Stephanie Johnson works for Robustbuy which is the largest China Wholesaler web store, here you can find everything from Cheap Android Cellphones to Windows smart phones and wide range of iPhone accessories, iPod, iPad, digital camera accessories and accessories for Android devices and PC.

7 Top Apps For The iPhone Artist

Access a treasure trove of paints, textures and materials on the very device you use to text and call. With a mere tap of a button, you can transform your iPhone into a sketch-book, an easel or a workbench. No mess, no hassle, just beautiful, exquisite and easily-sharable art.

Here are some of the most ingenious and creative applications around, guaranteed to make any artist happy.

Inspire, Paint And Draw

Want to create gorgeous paintings on the go? Inspire simulates the medium of oil paints with three different types of brushes as well as allowing artists the options to sketch and draw. The application has been praised for its realistic brush strokes and blending of paints making Inspire a successful painting simulator.

Inspire is as competent as producing simple paintings as well as more detailed works. Unlike other applications, Inspire allows you the freedom to paint with any colour you want and even allows you to mix colours on the screen. Another perk:  it’s free.

Colour away with…

Coloured Pencils

No sketchpad? No problem. Colour to your heart’s content with this neat application. With an array of blending and shading techniques, you can easily create impressive art to upload directly to your favourite social media site. The app also includes a zoom option so you can get right to the heart of your artwork.

Pottery mad? Download…

Let’s Create! Pottery HD Lite

Cited as a relaxing and therapeutic way to release creativity, Let’s Create! Pottery is a unique application for budding and experienced potters everywhere. Practise the art of pottery on a virtual wheel and decorate your masterpieces. Once completed, any pottery you make can be sold in virtual auctions to earn more decorative colours and patterns. One-of-a-kind pottery: one-of-a-kind app.

Lacking colour inspiration? Try…


Free and simple yet effective, ColorSchemer allows you to browse through palettes and palettes of colour inspiration. Can’t find just the right shade of pink? No fear. ColorSchemer allows you to comb through suggestions until you find your complementary shade. It has many cool features including the option to create a colour palette from the photos on your phone. ColorSchemer really is a visual feast for the eyes.

Transform photos into paintings with…


Cool photo effects don’t get cooler than this. Upload a photo, choose from any of the four painting styles and watch as the art unfolds. Paintings are completed in a mere two minutes and simulate real artist techniques. As if a real painter is on the other side of the screen, painting the same photo twice will reap different results.

Crazy for charcoal? Download…


Like charcoals? Don’t like mess and smudging? Get downloading ASKetch to create stunning sketches and eliminate both mess and smudging. Awesome! Aimed at the beginner artist, ASKetch allows you to use charcoals without fussing over palettes and complicated tools and will satisfy the more experienced artist too.

Trace away with…

Tracing Paper

Finally, tracing paper that you can use over and over again! With this app, you can trace anything from your photo library and use various pencils, colours and shades to trace the photo. How great is that?

Fun and practical, these applications will definitely put a smile upon your face as they allow you to save money without sacrificing  your artistic creativity. You don’t even have to be an artist to enjoy these applications. Draw, paint, create where and whenever you want.

Jennifer Leung classes herself as an arty and creative person. Away from work, she spends her spare time blogging for Art Gallery, doing some creative writing and painting forests. She also likes to create art on the computer.

Chat app messaging overtakes SMS texts

Instant messaging on chat apps, such as WhatsApp, has overtaken the traditional SMS text message for the first time, according to research firm Informa.

Informa said almost 19 billion messages were sent per day on chat apps in 2012, compared with 17.6 billion SMS texts.

The shift is likely to have a big impact on mobile operators, for whom texts have been a key revenue source.

Pamela Clark-Dickson of Informa said some operators were already “seeing a decline in their messaging revenues”.

According to separate estimates by research firm Ovum, more than $23bn (£15bn) of SMS revenue was lost in 2012 due to popularity of chat apps.


Chat apps mount challenge to Facebook

Line, WeChat

Commuting on buses and trains, even crossing the road, people here in Singapore are transfixed by their smartphone screens, and increasingly their fingers are typing at top speed on their chat app of choice. From the BBC:

Armed with a slew of social features and cutesy illustrations called stickers, messaging applications for smartphones which were conceived in South East Asia are changing the way people communicate around the world.

WeChat from China, Line from Japan and KakaoTalk from South Korea, have managed to attract hundreds of millions of users in a very short space of time.

Having conquered their home markets, these companies are setting their sights on global expansion and mounting a challenge to the more established players in the West.

In a sign of the impact of these applications and the importance of messaging to users, US giant Facebook made chat a more central feature of its Facebook Home software which was launched for Android devices earlier this month.

Step into any coffee shop in Singapore and you can see how popular these apps are, and how young people are spending increasing amounts of time using them.

More at the BBC.

Currency is a travel inspired currency converter

desk photo

I love this trend in iOS UI design, flat and simple. I hope I can fill my screens with more apps like this.

Currency is a travel inspired currency converter. It is a snappy way to convert currencies between countries while out exploring the world. Its illustrative yet minimal interface will be one of the prettiest apps on your phone. Currency features intuitive interactions that push the boundaries of mobile design.

Currency on the App. store

7 Educational Apps For Children

As the influence of technology tightens its grip on society year on year, more questions are being raised in regards to technology and our children. Some have stated that technology could have a negative impact on the new generation. However, as these apps demonstrate, technology can teach, inspire and generate new and exciting ideas in young minds.

Monkey apps from Thup Games

Kids can follow Monkey and his friends in four, colourful interactive games: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up, Monkey Math School Sunshine and Monkey Word School Adventure. These apps for Android include well designed, engaging characters and fun learning which includes jigsaw puzzles, counting, matching, maths and lettering. Animated stickers are a fun reward for completing tasks.

It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!

This Android app is for older, dino-lovers. Great images and sound effects guide an inquisitive child through the prehistoric age. This app has been noted for its high-quality graphics and accurate content as its creation was overseen by palaeontologists at the Smithsonian Institute.

Cinderella: Shapes and Patterns

Kids can interact with Cinderella and other characters from the Disney movie with this educational app for iPhone and iPad. Designed for children aged 4-7, the various games help children identify shapes and create their own patterns.

My Robot Friend

This app for iPhone and iPad is designed for tech-loving school children. The all-inclusive content teaches children programming skills, logic, reasoning and problem solving over its 80 interactive levels. Kids can navigate around the app using shields, shrink rays and invisibility cloaks from their own customised robot.

Fish School

This app is perfect for pre-schoolers who are beginning to recognise letters and numbers. A variety of brightly coloured fish will keep toddlers entertained as they learn colours, letters, shapes and numbers. The colourful app was awarded gold by the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

Brush and Smudge Colouring Book

This free interactive colouring book app for iPad and iPhone will boost your child’s imagination and creativity whilst saving your walls from crayons and paint! The digital tools are easy to use and creations can be saved to a photo album at the end of an arty session.

Zoo app from ABCmouse.com

This free Zoo app from iPhone and iPad is a great way for nature enthusiasts to learn more about the animal kingdom. The environments are engaging and the animals were created by professional animators for high-quality realism alongside true animal sound effects. The app includes fun animal facts and quizzes to test your animal knowledge.

Within the app boom of recent years, plenty of clever, high-quality educational apps for children have been created to stimulate and entertain. Find out how you can connect these apps with your TV at http://visopix.com/ for a great way to learn with your child.

Jenny Booker is a freelance copywriter from London. When she’s not spending time with her nieces and nephews, Jenny’s passions include art, photography and mango sorbet.

New App Prevents Icelanders from Sleeping With their Relatives

dating your relative

The Icelandic population is very small and all Icelanders are related. But yet, it is big enough so everyone doesn’t know one another. This means that each and every Icelander that is in a relationship, is dating a relative. In most cases those relations are distant. But not always. But how can they know?

Three engineers made an app for the ‘Íslendingabók’ database. People can now easily, and on the go, look up how they are related to other Icelanders. And a precious feature, using the bump technology, allows people that meet to just bump their phones together, to instantly see if they are too related to take things any further. The engineers’ slogan for this feature was: “Bump the app before you bump in bed”.

The app is available on Android phones under ‘ÍslendingaApp SES(Beta)’. Via.

Visceral Apps and You

So here’s my theory: I believe that introducing visceral elements into an app will take it past the point of just being awesome. It will make your app speak to the subconscious, built-in affinity that humans have for the physical properties I mentioned before. I believe that even if you designed the most perfect and useful app possible, that the act of adding in these visceral elements will make people love your app on an even deeper level.

Let me put it another way:

I believe when properly done, a visceral app actually causes your body to release endorphins.
I’ve heard people describe certain apps as being “alive” and I think this is precisely what they meant. Potential and kinetic. Build-up and release.

Visceral Apps and You