iBamboo Speaker for iPhone

iBamboo Speaker
This is one of those why didn’t I think of that ideas … my house is surrounded by bamboo.
Bamboo’s natural resonance make it an interesting choice for this speaker stand for the iPhone 4. The sound resonates inside the hollow bamboo, amplifies the iPhones internal speaker, moves the sound in two directions to create a stereo effect. I always find the juxtaposition of modern devices and natural materials interesting. Designed by Brooklyn-based artist/inventor Anatoliy Omelchenko.
iBamboo Speaker for iPhone

WUD speakers

WUD speakers
A beautiful audio series from Chilean design firm GrupoVibra. The WUD active loudspeakers are created with Chilean wood harvested from sustainable forests and feature a nostalgic design with hints of influence from classic radios. These speakers would be perfect for filling a small area with sounds from your iPod or iPhone.

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Lacie Sound2 USB Speakers

Lacie Sound2 USB Speakers
LaCie’s Sound2 USB self-powered speakers are a worthy update to their much loved Pompidou Center inspired firewire version introduced in 2007. With design by Neil Poulton, they are a collaboration between LaCie and Cabasse and feature a built-in USB cable, plug & play operation for Mac & PC and 30w power output. Lovely.
Lacie Sound2 USB Speakers. Via BLTD.

i24R3 Portable Speakers

i24R3 Portable Speakers
i24R3 Portable Speakers
i24R3 Portable Speakers
Beautiful portable waterproof speaker perfect for indoor and outdoor use – too large for travel but great for ad-hoc parties and the patio. Designed by Michael Young for EOps the i24R3 Portable allows for wireless streaming from Bluetooth equipped devices, is powered by built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery or an ac adapter and comes with a removable tube stand for easier portability.
i24R3 Portable Speakers

Razer Mako 2.1

These look impressive. Almost alll audio systems I have heard that were spevifically created with gamers in mind have sacrificed clarity and soundstage for power and low frequency response. Low bass sells in stores. Judging by the reviews I have read of this 2.1 system perhaps that is not the case. At $399 you might want to give them a listen to before you buy.

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Orbit Speaker

Altec Lansing’s Orbit is a portable speaker for your iPod, iPhone, laptop, or music player and projects sound 360-degrees for up to 24 hrs on 3 aaa batteries. Great size and I love the integrated cord storage – the last thing we need is more run away cords in our bags.
More info., including seemingly dated marketing copy, can be found at their site.

Hand-crafted sound system for iPod

This looks like a real space saver for those of us worried about clutter in our work and home spaces. The Vers 2x is one of the first compact sound systems for iPod which is priced within my meagre monetary means [$149.00US] and doesn’t look like it belongs in the Bed Supper Club. Sorry Apple but this looks better than your effort. The Vers 2x is made with hand-crafted cherry veneer – displacing 80% of what would have been plastic – and requires over a week to build. Obviously you need more than a great cabinet to create wonderful sounding speakers and to this end this system uses a clean class D amplifier driving 2 3″ 15 watt speakers which feature a dual port design for richer bass. This Vers 2x includes a 14 function remote with 25′ range, compatibility with most iPods, and a 3.5mm stereo input which allows compatibility with other mp3 players.
More information here. Purchase it here. More pictures after the jump.

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iPod DIY Recycling Speaker

Feel good about recycling some plastic and build yourself the iPod Recycling Speaker. It’s not going to replace your larger set but it’s likely just fine for podcasts and the like. The dimensions of this DIY speaker allow it to fit the packaging for the Pod Nano (1st & 2nd Gen.) and the iPod Shuffle (2nd & 3rd Gen.). Simply just place the speaker panel on top of the open box, and plug it into the iPod and play. No power source required.$40.00 at AudioCubes.com

Porto iPod music system


Porto is a portabel and rechargable music system with universal docking for all iPods with dock connector. With FM RDS tuner and wide possibilities to connect to computer and other mp3 players. With a simple user experience without unnecessary features Porto is pure joy to handle.
With Audio Pro´s deep roots in hifi sound and long acoustical experience, Porto delivers astonishing sound quality and bass. And it delivers its sound with true stereo sound from a single unit! Porto is incorporating the swedish stereo sound technology from EmbracingSound (TM).

I think it looks odd but the leather is a ice touch. More info. here.

Snandyna the Drop speakers

These speakers from Scandyna look like something from current Japanese influenced illustration or the space age cartoons of my youth. The Drop would look the part of the ultimate office speaker set-up for those neat and stylish offices we all dream about. Though enamored primarily with their style, they likely do sound great, and at about $1000.00US a pair they should . Each speaker is designed to handle up to 100 watts of power with sensitivity rated at 89dB and frequency response is -6dB at 50Hz and 22kHz. Available in a choice of colours to match your ultra-modern decor.
Snandyna speakers

LaCie FireWire Speakers

Browsing LaCie’s site for a looking for a new hard drive I happened to see these beautiful speakers designed by Neil Poulton. Apparently these speakers are the first to use Firewire and perhaps as a result they don’t require an AC adapter, resulting in better portability and less cable clutter. From LaCie:

The LaCie FireWire Speakers combine Neil Poulton’s stunning industrial design with superb digital audio technology. With a frequency response of 90Hz-20kHz, they deliver powerful, vibrant sound for your music, movies and games. Easily connect them to your computer (laptop or desktop) or MP3 player* with the built-in FireWire cable. FireWire provides superior digital audio as well as line power — no need for batteries or an AC adapter. Compact, portable, and stylish, the LaCie FireWire Speakers give a whole new meaning to plug and play.

They will be shipping in April and will cost about $99.00US. LaCie’s product page.

Yamaha HS50M Powered Speaker

I have been spending a great deal of time lately setting up an environment where I can listen to music while I work. While most of my time has been spent setting up a mp3 jukebox I have been experimenting with how to make my boomy logitech system into something more palatable to my ears. They sound ok but I am missing my usual headphone set-up already. I can’t hear anything with my headphones on and that has been a problem. One of the problems I notice with the logictech (don’t laugh, some of these computer speakers sound alright) is that they add quite a lot of colour to the sound. The separation I am getting isn’t so hot either. I’ve seen good reference monitors in Taipei and I think these Yamaha HS 50m, like my Yorkville’s I left behind in Canada will be a definite improvement. Add the HS10W subwoofer and you have an amazing office system on the cheap (almost cheap). From Yamaha:

The HS Series is a two-way, internally powered speaker system designed to provide affordable, high quality reference monitoring for all types of recording and multimedia applications – home studios, computer-based music production, gaming systems, keyboards rigs and personal computer systems. All products are sold and packaged individually, making it easy to build flexible monitor setups and 5.1 systems.
The 70-watt HS50M (5″ cone and 0.75″ dome tweeter) is housed in a bass reflex-type cabinet and reproduces surprisingly tight low end and smooth, high frequency response to beyond 20kHz. Inputs include a balanced XLR and 1/4-in. phone jack. In addition to master level controls, each speaker has trim switches that allow you to custom-tailor low, mid and high frequency response for different applications.

$199.99US each plus $499.00US for the subwoofer.

Elipson Planets Wireless Speakers

Mildly reminicent of Apple’s old baseball-sized speakers, ‘Planets’ are a premium set of wireless speakers created with audiofiles in mind. Designed by Elipson and Bluetooth specialist Parrot “they feature a custom built Bluetooth 2.0 wireless module with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) from Parrot which enables each speaker to automatically detect one another when switched on then pair and couple.” While you won’t likely be throwing these into your backpack to take on your next trip they do suggest a certain bit of portability (room to room). It looks like we finally have a set of wireless speakers that provide high quality sound and interoperability with a number of different devices that are A2DP Bluetooth stereo equipped. Unfortunately at 999 EUR there is no way I can afford it.
Via Trusted Reviews.