Solar Suitcase: The Suitcase That’s Saving Women’s Lives

Solar Suitcase: The Suitcase That's Saving Women's Lives
What if your carry-on suitcase could save a woman’s life? In the fight against maternal mortality in the developing world, a rugged, portable “Solar Suitcase” is providing reliable electricity to clinics in 17 countries where healthcare workers previously struggled to provide emergency obstetric care by the light of candles, flashlights and mobile phones. The Solar Suitcase powers medical LED lights, headlamps, mobile phones, computers and medical devices.

[The] award-winning WE CARE Solar Suitcase is an economical, easy-to-use portable power unit that provides health workers with highly efficient medical lighting and power for mobile communication, computers and medical devices. The WE CARE Solar Suitcase was originally designed to support timely and efficient emergency obstetric care, but can be used in a range of medical and humanitarian settings.
The system includes high-efficiency LED medical task lighting, a universal cell phone charger, a battery charger for AAA or AA batteries, and outlets for 12V DC devices. The basic system comes with 40 or 80 watts of solar panels, and a 12 amp-hour sealed lead-acid battery. An expansion kit is available for utilizing larger batteries.

Solar Suitcase. (Source) Via textually and Ken Banks for National Geographic.

Making of a Suitcase at the Globe-Trotter Factory

A video highlighting the making of a suitcase at the Globe-Trotter factory.

Each case is uniquely constructed from vulcanised fibreboard; a special material invented in Britain during the 1850’s consisting of multiple layers of bonded paper. Handles are produced by the leather team who also form the iconic Globe-Trotter corners over a period of 5-days on antique Victorian presses.

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Bon Voyage Riveted Suitcase

Bon Voyage Riveted Suitcase
Designed by Vadim Kibardin the Bon Voyage suitcase is a contemporary take on traditional luggage with reinforcing ribs. Manufactured in a Czech factory that has been producing suitcases for over a century, these suitcases protect your belongings from the rigors of the overhead bin while maintaining a distinct stylish look. Available in three sizes and colors.
Bon Voyage Riveted Suitcase

Bristol Suitcase by Bill Amberg

Bristol Suitcase by Bill Amberg
So much of what we buy today, even those items that are designed well, are after a time thrown away. They lose their ‘value’ quickly. They lack the quality and style that doesn’t get weak with the passage of time. Gathering inspiration from the leather upholstery of classic English sports cars like the E-type Jaguar, the Bentley Continental or the Jensen CV8, the Modern Traveller series are incredibly beautiful bags that you want to care for and cherish; an artifact that stays within your family for more than a generation.
The Bristol Suitcase’s exterior is composed of lightweight smooth calf or perforated calfskin and features 2 zipped external pockets, a detachable cotton webbing shoulder strap, hidden shoulder strap fasteners and twin slider metal zip. The interior features a bright red cotton drill lining, elasticated suit restrainers and leather hanging loops. Just large enough to fit a man’s jacket flat.

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Crumpler Freestanding Edwardian

Big enough to carry a small child, the Freestanding Edwardian is Crumpler’s largest bag for the wheelie lovers of the world. This versitile bag features a water resistant 900D polyester outer shell, ultra glide wheels, plenty of internal and external pockets, a utility backpack and laundry bag, side-loading laptop pocket, and three different color combinations. It’s the Swiss army knife of large luggage. Like all Crumpler products the Freestanding Edwardian is well made and attractive.

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MuJi Foldable Suitcase

Everyday, at their new online store, Muji releases a video that showcases real-life uses of a new product. In some cases this could be an excellent way to showcase product. The above is the super practical foldable suitcase which looks just right for small storage spaces. The site, and the luggage, matches their aesthetic, which is to super clean and modern.
See it at playMUJI