Imagometrics Super Ego Laptop Bag Review

Imagometrics reviews the Super Ego bag from one of my favourite manufacturers Tom Bihn. I plan on reviewing their Brain Bag in the coming weeks. Tom Bihn’s products are generally characterized as being extremely well made with an understated aesthetic. They perhaps are not the most beautiful bags you will ever see but you will be hard pressed to fin any of higher quality. After 3 years of hard use my Tom Bihn products are as good as the day I bought. They just don’t wear out. Here is an excerpt of the Super Ego laptop bag review, a link to the full review follows:
“Super Ego from Tom Bihn is one of a number of gear bags manufactured by Tom Bihn Inc (Seattle Washington-USA) for people of all walks of life.This sling pack is an excellent example of a new breed of products that evolved as a hybridization of backpacks and shoulder bags .The theme of an ergonomic ‘across the back and chest’ is beautifully implemented in this product. Faster to mount and dismount than a two strap backpack, it materializes the long held wish of itinerate commuters for a single strap pack to replace the habit of using backpacks with one strap dangling uselessly. Though Messenger bags are also designed to be carried- strap across the chest, Super Ego conforms more closely to body contours- making it the streamlined carry option of choice for those that demand the ultimate in aerodynamics in a messenger bag shape. This is a large size carry bag that will accommodate a 12″ -17″ laptop as well as a couple of average textbooks, a notepad and a modest stash of emergency tools and provisions. Two intelligently designed outer bottle pouches will secure a wide range of bottle diameters in the typical 16oz capacity. Numerous additional sub compartments organize the plethora of small tools needed by the itinerate traveler, student or commuter.”
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