Hand Painted Mens Striped Tee

hand painted mens striped tee
At JJ Market in Bangkok hand painted tees are all the rage. I’ve naturally succumbed and purchased a number of them. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful painting on their shirt? Unfortunately due to their ubiquitousness I had visions of some factory full of artists painting pop art on t-shirts all day.
The technique does open up all kinds of possibilities but I’m not so sure the results are good enough that I would want to wear them everyday. Hang them on the wall perhaps.
These from jessalinb are made with non-toxic water based inks, heat set to prevent against fading.
Hand Painted Mens Striped Tee

BPFC Laurel Crest

soccer tshirt
I love the vintage look of both the shirt and graphics on this tee from BPFC. BPFC’s current collection is a retrospective look back at the teams that have played a part in shaping the sport of soccer in the United States. The graphics consist of teams that date back to the early 1890’s all the way through the 1980’s.
My only real experience with soccer, other than helping my daughter with her Saturday morning ritual, was a failed attempt to join a team during my childhood in Canada.

We feel that it is important to understand where we have come from before we can embrace where we are headed.

Nice thought.
BPFC Laurel Crest Tshirt

I’m Not a Blogger I Just Tweet A Lot

Twitter fashion from t-shirt powerhouse Threadless. There used to be a time when I measured the quality of t-shirts by the weight of the cotton. Before they moved their factories to China, Non-fiction apparel were my mainstays for 15 years. But these thin American Apparel t-shirts are ideal for the weather we have over here and these fun designs should make for interesting conversation for those who don’t yet ‘get’ tweets.
Twitter Tees

Public School T-shirt

I saw this t-shirt a couple weeks ago and was about to purchase it when I realized the shipping cost was the same as the shirt itself. Something seemed wrong with that so I hesitated and now they are sold out! It’s a great shirt and they promise to print more.
Public School T-shirt. Via Swissmiss.

Slab Character Tees

Unlucky. Shortly after I placed my order (well a week) I get an email from House Industries advertising 20% off all font collections and t-shirts. I love the slab characters on the t-shirts pictured above. Their sale ends until the end of May.
House Industries – Clothing


Beautiful art embroidered on a 100% organic cotton limited edition tee by viidrio. I love the packaging that it ships in. It’s made for girls but maybe guys could get away with it too (unless you have the belly I have been nurturing).
Buy here.

Chest Hair T-shirt


For those who don’t make the connection between typographical swirls and pectoral curls, “chest hair” is spelled out with calligraphic flair.

Love it. The tee, not chest hair. Available at Veer.

Mickey Tee

This is a daddy version of one of the many characters my kids wear on their clothes. We failed ages ago in our o brand name mantra. I would stick with the black version versus the mustard and pink versions they seem to promote. Available Japan’s Zozotown.

Local Brand Blind T-shirt

I haven’t visited Singapore’s Local Brand in ages. They haven’t updated their online store front in almost the same length of time but their designs still feel relevant and fresh. Above is their ‘blind’ shirt which they describe as:

A progressive society that prides itself in innovation and growth cannot afford to fall into the trap of blind obedience. This shirt is a reminder that it is our moral obligation to challenge norms, question authority and evolve traditions. Obedience is a surrender of power. Dispense it wisely. [The front of the t-shirt boasts an embossed (puff) print of actual Braille lettering that spells the word, ‘Blind’.]

Local Brand

Camera Tee

Geek out on your next photo outing with the Camera Tee. Found via Swissmiss.
Over the weekend I went on the hunt for some film for my old low end Canon camera. I thought I might start taking photographs again – partially the reason for the recent photography theme. I used to have a camera with me wherever I was exploring but now I usually have kids in tow making it difficult. Unfortunately, except for some Ilford b&w there was no quality film to be found. Except for Polaroid. Stacks and stacks of it in some locations. I’m thinking of buying up the remaining supply, getting a camera, and have some fun.