Billykirk Passport Wallet

Billykirk Passport Wallet
I should have added this to the collection of passport wallets I wrote last week. Made by the much loved Billy Kirk, this passport wallet features beautiful hand-stitched details, hand-oiled leather, and looks that will only improve with time. The interior pocket has a loop closure to keep cash, tickets, and other ephemera in place. I’m certain I would prefer the black to the natural vegetable-tanned pictured above, but what a beauty!
Billykirk Passport Wallet

5 Passport Wallets

A small collection of some the finest leather passport wallets I have comes across recently.

Patti Passport Wallet

Patti Passport Wallet by Rowallan of Scotland
The Patti Passport Wallet by Rowallan of Scotland features 4 credit card slots, passport compartment and an exterior of grain-bonded leather. Handmade and designed in Glasgow, Rawallan products are imbued with a quiet sense of chic while helping to make our modern lifestyle a little bit easier.
Patti Passport Wallet

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Good Job Passport Wallet

good job design goods
Sujin Osatarayakul’s GoodJob offers a wide range of well made leather and paper products targeted to the ‘creative professional’ and those willing to pay a bit more for something original and of good quality. It’s a Thailand brand which is reflected in both the amazing aesthetic and the incredible value they represent.
During a recent visit to their showroom in Bangkok I picked up a great leather passport wallet. It came with a number of different closing mechanisms but I chose the simple strap that hooks on to the metal knob (I can’t think of better way to describe it). I’m hoping it will hold up to constant use as I think it’s an attractive device for closing a wallet like this. It’s very well made.

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The Mojito Wallet

mfontier mojito wallet
Downsize your wallet. I ditched my large handmade wallet years ago for a Jimi and while it’s worked amazingly well there are times I wish I had a wallet with more style; a wallet with the style and confidence that would allow it to work with my ubiquitous jeans or those increasingly rare times I wear more formal slacks.
Enter Malcolm Fontiers Mojito Wallet. The Mojito holds up to 4 cards in its main pocket with an elastic strap to keep them secure. The side pocket is designed to store your cash but I think I would try to keep that in the main compartment and use this pocket for business cards or train passes.
The Mojito is made from Polyurethane which I don’t usually get too excited about but I think it works well in this case. I have Malcolm’s Diplomat which uses some synthetic fabric over canvas and it works very well. For a wallet it should be great.
Great wallet at a great price.
Malcolm Fontier’s other products are worth checking out, his great design sense is evident through-out all of his products and collateral.
The Mojito Wallet.
Found via the Salon Store.

J. Fold Magic Wallet

More pebbled leather. A nice flat wallet with a unique hook:

The design is a unique construction of two identical two-sleeve card holders that are bound together with elastic. When the wallet is open you place a card on top of the side where the elastics are parallel to the edges of the wallet, you then close the wallet, open it on the other side and voila! With a tricky flip action the Magic Wallet has secured your cards under the crossed elastic on the other side like magic.

Available at Rushfaster

Gravis Terminal Passport Case

An economical alternative to the previously mentioned Postalco Travel Wallet but with the expected hit to style and elegance. If you can accept that, as I have no choice to, this handy Gravis Terminal case is will be perfect for all your airport essentials with plenty of room for plane tickets, currency, passport, business cards etc.
The Gravis Terminal Passport Case is available through Rushfaster.

Postalco Travel Wallet

Absolutely perfect!

This wallet contains three sections, to keep your travel documents from traveling around…Postalco began in Brooklyn, New York. Curious about the international transport of mail, their logo is the carrier pigeon. Carefully considered and beautifully handmade in Japan, their accessories simply cannot be improved upon.

From The Shop at Cooper-Hewitt.
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Wallet 2.0

I am a recent convert to non-leather wallets, my Jimi fits nicely in my back pocket, especially when they force me to trim what would normally be a wallet so large as to cause back aches. The aeroportz Wallet 2.0 introduces new materials and nice classic form but unfortunately it looks a bit on the beefy side. I’m sure we could find some uses for it. The 5 different colours and a strap make sure you won’t lose it while out and about. About $30.00US direct but with an unfortunate 30 day wait.