Twitter lists

twitter lists
Late last month Twitter rolled out a new feature called “lists“; a way to organize the people you follow and discover interesting twitter accounts. I’ve been looking at other peoples lists and think it’s an excellent way to discover information I might not have otherwise. I have set up a number of twitter lists in different categories which you are welcome to follow.
My lists include some of my favourites that fit in the categories style, bags, culture, stores, gear & accessories, places to stay, and travel. It’s only start and far from comprehensive but I plan to keep adding to it over time. I would love to hear of any suggestions you might have of accounts not included in these lists.
You can find all this on my twitter lists page.

Tori’s Eye

Created by Quodis Labs, Tori’s eye is a beautiful real-time visualization tool of updates in the Twitterverse. It’s simple and fun to use, just enter a word in the search box and then catch some birds with your mouse to read the tweet they’re carrying. Tori’s Eye fetches the latest tweets containing the word you input from Twitter Search.
Love the flying origami birds.

Online boundaries between work and play

Every social networking Web site works differently. On LinkedIn, where all information is business-related, users can choose which information to include in their public profiles. On Twitter, most posts, or “tweets,” are public.
“Most Facebook users don’t even know these features are options,” says Mr. O’Neill, who also owns a digital media company in Washington. “I can’t tell you how many people sign up and don’t ever think about privacy again.”

I don’t think the problem is just defining boundaries between connecting at work and online but more about shaping peoples perceptions of what it means to interact online. For many, websites in general, and social networking sites in particular, represent a sense of discovery and play. They don’t make the conceptual leap between real world rules for interaction with office mates and the type of interaction they desire online. Unlike in the office where you see those you are talking to, all those office mates you added as friends and gave permission to view your profile become forgotten months later when you post something meant only for your closest friends.
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10 Best Mobile Websites

These days, like many people, I’m spending more and more time reading via a mobile browser. I’m finding the experience, even on my small Nokia, to be in many cases superior to using a big screen. The small screen forces websites to economize and lose the fluff making for a more focused reading experience.
Here is a list of the sites I find myself using the most frequently:

  1. Google News: extremely well designed site based on my own news preferences. If only the sites it linked to were so well thought out.
  2. BBC News
  3. Twitter: allows me to post my inane comments on the go. I realise there are some applications for the iPhone but I’m still using the website.
  4. New York Times and NYT Weather: I searched in vain for a good free weather app. for my Nokia but find the NYT weather page to be as good as any I have seen (You may have to go to the weather page through the homepage first).
  5. Wikipedia: I find myself using this more for browsing than searching. Invariably if I am looking for information I go to Google and Wikipedia is usually in one of the top 10 results.
  6. Flickr: I use the Flickr app more but in the beginning this is all I had.
  7. Yahoo games: for a quick diversion this is all I need.
  8. Google reader and Google docs: a research tool and document viewer. When using my mobile I seem to stay fairly close to the Google ecosystem.
  9. Amazon: I actually don’t shop using my mobile but use it when I am browsing the bookstore.
  10. Yahoo movies: I use Imdb at home but haven’t discovered their mobile site yet (if it exists).

So there it is, a neat 10 item list of my current favourite mobile websites. I’m not much for lists but I plan to highlight some of the travel and productivity sites I have been playing with recently in the future.

Ta-da List for iPhone

37signals released a version of their popular Ta-da List for the iPhone over the weekend. It’s not different from the version you would use on your desktop, it shares the same data, it’s just optimized to fit on the iPhone screen. Seems like the perfect app. for a device such as this. Expect a flurry of new and old apps. created for this iconic device in the near future. Via Daring Fireball.

Online iTunes Back-up

I’ve been experimenting with using Amazon S3 as a way to have cheap offsite back-up for photos, music, and project files. Though there are start-ups and software available to make using this option less painful for the non-developer it’s still a less than ideal experience. It’s a challenging project if you want to diy.
Bandwagon looks like an alternative and judging from what I have read it might even allow you to interface with S3. They have a weblog where you can track their development.
Bandwagon. Via Swissmiss.