Idea Wall with Idea Paint

I love the idea of defining a whole wall as a place to brainstorm or jot down ideas. Being able to move around and look at my ideas from a distance, getting a grasp of the big picture, I find to more productive and enjoyable than sitting still at a desk. I was looking into purchasing large white boards for this very purpose when I came upon Behance’s Idea Paint.

IdeaPaint helps you make ideas happen in the existing areas around your creative space or office. We recommend using IdeaPaint to boost productivity while brainstorming. By transforming your walls into useful space, you can track ideas, capture action steps, and bring order to the creative process.
Each IdeaPaint kit contains Behance tips for use, 50 sq ft of IdeaPaint, a specified foam roller, application instructions, a can opener, a stir stick, and an “Available for Use” sign.

Unfortunately their product is a tad expensive but you might have some luck finding cheaper alternatives.
Behance Outfitter Idea Paint. Via 50ft.
As an alternative you might consider Chalkboard Latex paint, which in some instances might be a more attractive option. You can also make your own.

Your office environment may impact creativity

In 12 ways to pimp your office Chief Happiness Officer Alexander Kjerulf illustrates, through wonderful examples, how you can create a stimulating work environment. Are you really going to be inspired to create your best work amongst rows and rows of identical desks inside identical cubes? Though some of his examples are on the expensive side, it needn’t be so. There are lots of ways to break the monotony while not breaking the bank.

I’m not going to claim that a fancy desk or a weird chair is going to magically improve your creativity and productivity – but I am damn sure, that all that sameness and eternal corporate grayness, does nothing good for your ability to come up with great new ideas.
Here are some ways to spruce up a workplace that may actually inject some color and fun into your work environment.

12 ways to pimp your office. Graphic via Alexander Kjerulf.

Jacob Jensen Weather Station

A product category I had long forgotten, the Jacob Jensen Desktop set 2 is the Weather Station for lovers of the iPod clickwheel. This modular system is made up of a thermometer and hygrometer for instant temperature, indoor climate and humidity information. Features include a humidity comfort level indicator and temperature readout in digital or bar chart format. Jacob Jensen’s products have gained international recognition for their original, simple and classic design. Jacob Jensen has received around 100 prizes from around the world and has 19 products included in The Design Study Collection and The Design Collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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Coworking partner

One of the benefits of working from home with and for great people is the flexibility it affords. The focus becomes what is produced vs. ensuring there is a body in a chair. Catriona wasn’t feeling well today so she is staying home with me which helps alleviate one of the negatives of working from home — loneliness.
To beat the isolation of working alone, I’ve often thought of setting up a formal coworking space, I have the room, but with my location being so far removed, the only people who would show up are my dogs.
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Simple Dock for iPod

The Simple Dock is designed for desktops and smaller office spaces. It plays audio through a built-in speaker while recharging your iPod. If you are looking for a device to fill a room full of stereo sound this won’t be ideal but if love to listen to Podcasts and the like than this is a great option. Looks great on a bookshelf.
The Simple Dock from Pottery Barn


This looks great for impromptu and/or co-working workspaces. Or for the drummer in your family (I’m hoping my kids play quiet instruments). Mobile workspace?

Buzzizone is an acoustic, half high, freestanding wall that won already the ‘Brussels Design Award for Best Belgian Product’ last November.
The combination of its light weight and its simplicity to install, make the buzzizone a perfect solution for both working and private areas, using it as a kidscorner, working spot, memowall, noise absorber and so much more.
One can put it together and move it around as much as needed and demount and store it just as easily.
The product is handmade of biodegradable boardmaterial (inside) and felt made of upcycled PET-waste, and therefore a contribution to the future of our world

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Our current method of organizing our incoming snail mail, paper, and related ephemera is to simply throw it in a pile on a counter at the entrance to our house. I call it our analogue data bucket. It’s pretty inefficient and the most important pieces of mail, like a late bill, always seems to be at the bottom out of sight. This beautiful organizing tool called the centipede designed and made by Siebensachen would be a magnificent tool to solve this. It’s made with maple with anodized aluminum.
Available here.

Ideas capture pad

I know all the cool kids are carrying a Moleskin, MuJi, or Rhodia notepad but for the purpose of jotting down a quick idea when it enters your head this pad is a step in the right direction (a pad to cpature ideas is an essential part of a creatie process). It’s small but perhaps not small enough.
Great ideas notepad

Save bookmark

One of my goals for this month is to stop consuming data at the rate I have been this past year. In an effort to absorb more and to start truly concentrating again, I want to limit my exposure to blogs, tweets, rss, and the endless distractions that surround shallow research online. This morning I started ripping pieces of sticky notes to act as impromptu placemarks in a book I am reading. This concept is much more clever. It’s available as a pdf so you can print your own.
Save bookmark. Via swissmiss.

OFFI Perf Boxes

A grown-up version of the milk crates I used to use in college. These beautiful and finely crafted boxes offer a great deal of flexibility to store all kinds of things – perhaps even LP’s like I used my crates for.
Available here.

Steele Canvas Baskets

These suit perfectly the way I organize my ‘stuff’. They would be put to work in my workspace and throughout our house.

Made by an old line yankee manufacturer, established in 1921, these Authentic Industrial Baskets look great and are really practical. Common uses include laundry transport, linen storage, toy storage, and general organization. Of course they work great for business, too.

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