Hanger Bag

hanger bag
An interesting concept from Taiwan designer Meng-Hao Liu as captured en route to my boarding gate at Taoyuan International Airport. People often criticize this airport for its lack of a mall (sounds good to me) and its lack of an attractive architectural aesthetic but there are few other airports in the region that highlight the work of local talent.
Here is what Meng-Hao has to say about his creation (poorly translated):

Save for what?
For cherishing the present.
For looking forward to the future.
For a better life.
In the store, hanging the clothes by Hanger Bag.
At the counter, packing the clothes by Hanger Bag.
In the streets, Hanger Bag is a distinctive shopping bag.
In the MRT, hanging the Hanger Bag and take a break.
At home, hanging the new clothing in the wardrobe by Hanger Bag.
Better life from experience. Different space intersecting at one point.

hanger bag
I’m a big fan of color of paper bags and boxes, especially when splashed with a red Chinese stamp or two. Though meant for carrying clothes post purchase, the materials might be impractical and perhaps a canvas body with leather top would be more appropriate. Then we could use it continuously and not simply on a few occasions.