‘Thinner’ Touch Screen Mobile Concepts

One of the criticisms I have about the current state of handset design is that there is little commercial experimentation or deviation from the brick-like form seen in touch screen devices from Apple, HTC and Palm. The shape of the device is influenced by use and the need for a generous sized surface for touch screen control. No one wants to watch a movie or enter a great deal of text on a device the size of an iPod Nano and yet one of the main complaints I hear, other than price, is that they feel too large in that persons hand.
There are many imaginative concepts, from independents and large firms like Nokia, which explore all manner of the future of mobile. The following three concepts from Aleksander Mukomelov, Tamer Koseli and Mike Kemery are a more practical approach to exploring form and reducing width. I like them.

Mobile script

mobile script mobile concept
A design concept by Aleksander Mukomelov the Mobile script has two touch screens one as seen on the handset itself and a pull out screen which is located inside the phone until needed. The phone largely charges itself from a miraculous nano material which covers the device converting sun light into power. Futurism aside it’s a pleasant form.


need mobile concept
Tamer Koseli believes that mobile phones have strayed far away from their basic communication function. In his design concept, Need, he rids the phone of camera, music and video players to focus on a more fashionable touch screen device. I’m not convinced on the beauty of his device but I like his concept and the form of his mock-up.

Touch screen cordless phones for T-Mobile

T-mobile handset
Mike Kemery’s work comes with no brief or description and it may not be a mobile at all. But it’s refined form and reduced width is what I would like seen released in a touch screen device. Beautiful.