Americans Choose Smartphones Over Sex

Forty years after Motorola engineer Martin Cooper stood on a New York City street corner and made the first cell phone call, a new poll finds that Americans are twice as willing to go without sex for a week than a smartphone. The survey highlights show (includes unfortunate political comparisons):

  • More than twice as many respondents were willing to give up sex instead of their smart phone or caffeine;
  • Men as a group are least likely to give up alcohol, but women by far preferred their smart phones and caffeine;
  • Men ages 18-34 are least willing to give up sex – five times less likely than women of the same age group, who favored their smart phones;
  • The older people get, the less likely they are to give up caffeine compared to the other choices;
  • The demographic most committed to their smart phones are ages 35 to 49; and
  • Democrats are least likely to part with alcohol, while Republicans prefer their smart phones. People who identify themselves as Independents have equal allegiance to caffeine and their smart phones.