Every Presentation Ever: Communication fail

Too funny and true.
The film missed an important point (a technology fail) or put it in the wrong place. I have sat through about 28 presentations in the past 6 months, presented by ‘normal’ people (meaning not a techie or someone gives a presentation on a daily basis) and without fail the large majority could not start without major effort. Their is no plug-in play in the powerpoint universe. It’s painful, not funny, as people negotiate different powerpoint version issues and fidgeting with how to get the slides and notes to display properly. Simple hand drawn slides using an overhead projector is far superior. Yes there is some Mac user smugness in me as I keep an ancient 12″ Powerbook ready for any presentation (as I know it just works) or on occasion I simply plug-in a iOS device and go. But it really shouldn’t be so painful to show something so simple regardless of the platform used.
Via swissmiss.