In defense of my stupidphone

Some people find non-smartphones challenging enough and don't want to upgrade.

Some people find non-smartphones challenging enough and don’t want to upgrade.

Jessica Ravitz coming from a long tradition of technological Luddites, tells the story of how she is among a quickly shrinking slice of Americans who have yet to step foot in smartphone land.

As of July, Nielsen reported that 55.5% of mobile subscribers in America owned smartphones, a significant jump from 41% a year earlier. This pre-dated the release of the iPhone 5, which has surely swayed that percentage further.

The numbers don’t lie. People like me are losing relevance. We’re going the way of the VCR I still own but never learned how to use.

This fact alone might tell you all you need to hear. Sure, I may not be confident that I can understand your smartphone, but the truth is I don’t really want to.

I hope anyone who drops hundreds of clams for a phone already gives to the needy. But if the 2 million junkies who snatched up the iPhone 5 within 24 hours gave a mere $10 extra to hungry children on that day, or to any cause for that matter, then I’d cheer on their enthusiasm.

But first I’d like to ask those people who park themselves outside Apple stores: Will you to line up this way when it comes time to vote next month?

In defense of my stupidphone