Is your iPhone making you a wimp?

iPhone posture

What are our devices doing to us? We already know they’re snuffing our creativity–but new research suggests they’re also stifling our drive. How so? It’s because of the all-too-familiar hunches that smartphones and laptops engender in their users. And if you didn’t know, Americans spend 58 minutes a day fussing with their phones, and they’re talking on them only 26% of the time. I think about these issues allot but haven’t given much thought how our devices affect our demeanour (FastCompany).

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are. Lots of great ideas can be gleaned from this video.

The body posture inherent in operating everyday gadgets affects not only your back, but your behavior. According to a new study by Maarten Bos and Amy Cuddy, operating a relatively large device inspires more assertive behavior than working on a small one.

“We won’t tell anyone not to interact with those devices just before doing something that requires any kind of assertiveness,” Bos says. “Mostly because people won’t listen: They will do it anyway. But if you realize that, ‘hmm, I’m pretty quiet during this meeting,’ then maybe you should pay attention to how devices impacted your body posture beforehand (HBS Working Knowledge).

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