Mobile Phones for Women’s Empowerment

The proliferation of mobile phones in low- and middle-income countries over the past decade has been rapid and remarkable. This boom in mobile technology offers an incredible opportunity to provide historically marginalized groups, such as girls and women, with increased access to information and education to improve their health and wellbeing. Forbes:

… 39% of women interviewed expressed an interest in receiving health information through their mobile phones. The speed and remote abilities of telecommunications can help connect many women to health care services and facilities. Low- and middle-income countries accounted for more than 80% of the 660 million new mobile-cellular subscriptions added in 2011, with more than 1 billion subscriptions belonging to women.


The benefits of mobile technology reach far beyond the bounds of health in empowering women. For example, 41% of female mobile phone owners enjoy increased economic and professional opportunities due to owning a mobile, and 85% report feeling more independent because of their mobile phone.

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