Women own most of the tablets in the UK

iPad woman and plaintronics

Photo by plantronicsgermany

In the UK the introduction of the iPad Mini has helped drive the adoption of tablet computers among women in the UK, previously pollsters put the figure at 43%, now 52% of the country’s touchscreen computers are owned by women. The BBC reports:

The trend has also helped boost the number of 18-to-34-year-olds owning one of the touchscreen computers – they now account for 26% of the market, compared with 19% a year ago.

“The early adopters of tablets have typically been affluent males,” said John Gilbert, lead director at YouGov Technology and Telecoms.

“As they buy the latest models, they have placed their old devices on to the secondary market or given them to other members of their household.

“A growing number of females and under-35s own older tablets, such as the iPad 1 and 2 while affluent males have the more recent iPad 3 and 4 and Samsung devices.

“Add to this the fact that it is women and young people driving the popularity of iPad Mini in the UK and it is clear where the surge in tablet ownership among females and under-35s comes from.”

The survey also indicates that 22% of UK-based adults now own a tablet, and that 19% of non-tablet owners are “hot prospects” to buy one soon.

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