Onitsuka Tiger Boston Gym Bag

Some bag styling from my youth. This is the style of bag we used to carry our Adidas sneakers and tight polyester gym clothes in. This Onitsuka Tiger branded Boston Gym Bag looks better than what I carried but at close to $100US it should, right? Lots of room. Heavy duty handles and not so great canvas carrying strap. Rushfaster provides some interesting information on the history of the brand:

The founder of the now well-known shoes and apparel brand ASICS had already led an adventurous life, when in 1949, at the age of 31, he entered a new phase in his life. After years in the military and having worked for a company who bought and sold beer on the black market, Onitsuka decided that sports could play an important role in rebuilding the self-esteem of the youngsters in Japan. He learned how to manufacture shoes and founded Onitsuka Co Ltd. It was the start of a company that would develop into one of the five largest brands in the world market of sports shoes.

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