Su Chih-Sheng a graduate of Parsons and now head of the Department of Media Communication at Shih Chien University has a solo exhibition entitled ‘Brainternet’ at VT Artsalon in Taipei until March 27th, 2010.
Su Chih-Sheng’s exhibition appears (my Chinese is failing me) to continue a discussion of the social implications of online or ‘virtual’ activity that is prevalent in Taiwan. His thesis centers on peoples virtual lives, or lives behind the screen, as being the new idealism. From his artist statement:

Brains in internet.
The cyberspace and the real world are interconnected in the year of 2010.
To live a convenient life or to make anything impossible become possible, people look for solutions to real life problems in the virtual world.
After turning on a computer, connecting to the Internet, and logging on to websites, people begin to socialize with others in the cyberspace. Without having face-to-face interactions, people find their own identity and value.
In the virtual world, the truth behind words is not valued.
What is reality? Or, is reality important at all?
Shifting between the physical world and the cyberspace, we have to keep the balance and find the center in our lives.

VT Artsalon in Taipei