Last Minute Gift Guide

For last minute shoppers like myself. More detail.

Red Maloo felt pouch

The Red Maloo felt pouch for the iPod touch is beautifully crafted with high quality 100% wool felt. Available from Rushfaster and others.

Cable turtles

Cable turtles are available in assorted colours and cost about $9.50US. Previous featured here.

Laptop Cool feet

Laptop Cool feet are 4 small ‘feet’ with suction cups at the end that attach to the bottom of your laptop, allowing the heat to be dispersed properly. An added benefit is that in raising your laptop they also allow for greater ease in typing. I think they might also be a safeguard against accidental spills when working at a café. $12.95 from BlueLounge.

Parkhaus card case

Something to keep business cards warm in those cold winter nights. The Parkhaus card case is an ergonomic yet elegant way to store business cards. 100% Wool with all natural dyes. $11.00US and found here.

OHSO Travel Toothbrush

OHSO was engineered to be the ultimate travel toothbrush. Besides being good looking the OHSO Travel Toothbrush is useful and durable. It’s self-dispensing, easily refillable, and has replaceable bristles.
Find them at the OHSO store.

Imago Messenger Bag

Nothing says I love you more than a new messenger bag. The Imago is available in twelve color combinations. Different color combinations are made out of different fabrics: Ballistic Nylon, 1000 denier Cordura, and Cork. Available for $85.00US at Tom Bihn. Featured previously here.

Snake Charmer


The Snake Charmer has two separate compartments that zip open and shut with a #7 YKK zipper. Into these compartments go your unruly cables, power supply, mouse, external drive or modem, or other accessories. (The Snake Charmer also makes a great toiletris bag.) The sides of the Snake Charmer are mesh, allowing you to easily see what’s inside.

Indispensable. $25.00US at Tom Bihn.

Passport Sock

Take the most cliché gift and turn it into something unique and useful.
“One of the socks in this soft, stretchy pair has a hidden, zippered pocket perfect for a passport, cash and keys. Nylon zipper won’t set off metal detectors. Anti–microbial yarn wicks away moisture; the cushioned Holofiber® footbed helps reduce swelling. Nonslip tops and form–fitting arches.” Find them here. Featured previously here.

Slimmy Wallet

A wallet for your front pocket. Perfect gift for broke people like me or for those who worry about pickpockets. Available here. My current wallet of choice is the Jimi which was previously featured here.

Pb travel set

A pb blanket, disposable pillowcase and eyemask together in one package. About $17.00US.

Postalco Notebook

Some gifts are timeless – I prefer good books, pens, and quality notebooks over throw away gadgets any day.

Postalco began in Brooklyn, New York. Curious about the international transport of mail, paper itself became just as intresting. Their logo is the carrier pigeon. Carefully considered and beautifully handmade in Japan. Simply cannot be improved upon.

Buy at Cooper Hewitt. Originally featured here.

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  1. GreenDimes makes a great last minute gift as well! Stop your junk mail + we plant 10 trees for you.. Mom & Grandma will love it
    Thx Pop