Headphone Travel Package

If you are traveling this week and like myself can’t bear the in-flight audio entertainment or just want to ensure you have access to sonic delight than you might consider heading over to HeadRoom and configuring your “Mobile Line Package”. “Mobile Line package will put any headphone lover on the road with amazing sound; complete with portable headphone amp, high quality Sennheiser headphones, and HeadRoom carrying case to carry it all with protection and convenience. Just choose your amplifier, headphones, and bag.” While I would prefer to swap out the Sennheiser cans with either a pair of Beyerdynamic cans (for home) or Etymotic ER-4S (for travel), Headrooms prepackaged systems are a great start. Prices for the prepackaged systems start at about $229US.
Start with their Mobile Line Package. Their travel page gives some greater detail.