MacBook Pro Raises the Bar for “Portable Culture”

I just spent wasted 1 1/2 hrs this morning watching the MacWorld keynote streamed via Quicktime. I’m sure today most of the inter-web will be abuzz with the announcements at MacWorld though perhaps not to the nauseating amount that they were for Consumer Electronics Show. As a long term Mac user (since the Apple 2) and having just purchased a Powerbook 12″ this past summer I have great interest in what Tom Bihn calls “portable culture”. I want to be able to take everything with me everywhere. So I watched with great interest as Steve Jobs announced the Intel dual-core MacBook Pro laptop, which he claims is 4-5 times faster than the PowerBook G4, based on synthetic benchmarks, the “fastest Mac notebook ever”. Pricing starts at $1999US.
This is the type of product I have been waiting for but God knows when they will be available over here in Asia (I do prefer the small size of the 12″ for travel). Apple’s hardware is always great but it’s their software that always clinches the deal. I think one liberating feature will be the combination of built-in iSight camera and wireless networking. Think Skype. If Skype releases a client with video conferencing then there truly will be no reason to stay in the office.
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