Mobile G-Drive mini

Great big hard drive enclosures are fine for home but when you are on the road (or a laptop user) you may value the portability of something a bit smaller. Performance isn’t as much of an issue either with some of the better hard drives though unfortunately price still is. I use portable hard drives to carry my mp3’s and those essential work files you can’t trust on the road to laptop while leaving my back-ups to larger cheaper drives at home (I use Strongspace as well). The G-DRIVE mini are compact bus powered storage available in three versions, FireWire 800 (2 ports), FireWire 400 and USB 2.0, and USB 2.0. The G-Drive mini features aluminum titanium-colored or “stealth black” finishes and use a design that complements Apple’s Power Mac G5 and PowerBook systems. At $569.00 the 160GB version is a tad bit pricy but if you value style and performance it might be worth it. Available from the G-Technology web site.