My Next Mac – The iPhone

The rumours were true Apple introduced the iPhone. It appears to be a beautiful device that raises the bar on mobile user interfaces – it’s not the revolution that Apple states but it’s a definite improvement over the sickly devices I own and have used. Hardcore techies might be disappointed, this is a closed platform and the specs may seem familiar. This is all about trying to reduce complexity to make the phone almost a pleasure to use. And this is a complex device- it’s no ‘simple’ phone. We have been moving in this direction for some time and I wish we would once and for all kill the phone moniker. It’s a mobile Mac with built in cellular function. Watching the keynote this morning you can start to see the depth of this product, it’s a device that would entertain me for hours on end. Which in in itself gives me pause – do I really want to carry around a device so fun? I am worried about mobile email and the terrific productivity waster (yes waster) that that is. Imagine having so much fun in your pocket, would we ever work? There are a couple caveats. 1) It’s tied to a Cingular contract. The North American market is restrictive and backward. Apple didn’t try to change this. 2) Buying mobile phones has been much to date much more enjoyable in Asia. We always get the cool tech first and are never tied to a provider. Now for the fiorst time we must wait for the coolest phone to hit the market. It won’t arrive in Asia until 2008!
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