Olympus Wooden Camera

I wonder why more manufacturers are not experimenting with new uses for organic materials? JVC has their wooden cone speakers and I mentioned recently the Hulger Wooden PIP but these products tend to be rare. Or I just haven’t been exposed to them. How about a wooden iPod? Don’t quality materials add value to a product or are we still entrenched in the 3c throw away economy.
This Olympus camera prototype is made by a three dimensional compression of the Japanese cypress wood. The hardness of the compressed wood exceeds that of plastic. A Japanese cypress is an evergreen that grows to between 100 and 130 feet tall with a base diameter from two to five feet. “It’s wood is known for its delicate quality, medium hardness, fine luster, fragrance and durability. It is the most desirable lumber in Japan, used to build Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, as well as other buildings.”[source]
Olympus. Via Swissmiss.