Smartphone Users in Taiwan Turn to Eye Massagers

eye massage

In technology-obsessed Taiwan, the addiction to smartphones and computers may have resulted in a boom in an unlikely industry: eye massagers. WSJreports

The electronic massage goggles — which look vaguely like the oversized goggles worn by comic book superheroes — are seeing a surge in popularity this year. Vendors claim the reason is eyes tired from too much computer and smartphone use.

“We’ve been selling eye massagers for years with steady sales, but this year there has been a noticeable jump in demand, with sales up 30 percent (in the first half of the year from a year earlier),” says Sun Shao-qu, sales manager in Taiwan for OSIM International Ltd., which manufacturers massage chairs, eye massagers and other devices.

“We believe it is because more people have tired eyes from looking at screens all day.”

They need neck massagers as well, which the company sells, as almost everywhere you go you see people (抵頭族)straining their neck to look down at their devices, few notice the world between their over-sized phablets or iPhones.

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