Vessel Guardian Lantern – Portable Nightlight

While I tend focus my time primarily on finding great bags and t-shirts occasionally I come across a company whose catalogue of products is too cool not to mention.
For practical reasons I have littered through-out my house a multitude of candles. Since surviving the disaster that was 921 I have been ever more conscious of being ready for the lights to go out. Electrical wiring practices are sub-standard at best here. We can be ready in style though and in amongst the utility candles are beautiful looking and aromatic works of art. Until now I haven’t seen any modern devices that could compete both in terms of utility and beauty. The Vessel Guardian lantern is a beautiful work of art that draws it’s inspiration from the candles of old but with some very modern technology.
“The Guardian uses patented magnetic recharging technology to provide a light that’s always ready; whether for midnight jaunts to the bathroom or kitchen, the Guardian creates a warm, ambient glow that can be carried throughout the house. Plus, during power failures, the Guardian illuminates instantly for five hours of light on a full charge.
The Guardian is two lights in one — the charger has an integral EL panel that’s always lit, and the lantern is robust and portable to illuminate wherever there’s no electricity.”
Guardian Portable Lantern is available for about $34US.