A Litl netbook

Litl netbook
A new netbook ideally suited for those living and working within an urban network topology that supports always on connections. If your mobile lifestyle means computing in your kitchen and then moving to your living room than this may be of interest to you.

Litl is an innovative new web computer, or webbook, that marries the communication functions of a laptop and TV. Small, portable, and equally at home on a kitchen countertop or a living-room coffee table, the webbook is designed for families with multiple users who like to keep in touch and socialize. Litl is always connected to the web (with access to Wi-Fi) and flips upright like an easel for TV-like viewing of photos and video. It has no hard drive, files or applications of its own, but instead runs on the “cloud,” using web-based applications like webmail, Google, Flickr and Facebook.

What interests me most is the UI which is more akin to appliance, iPhone, or WebOS — forget Windows 7, this is the kind of interfaces devices like this should have or the kind that companies should be at least exploring. The interface work was done with the assistance of Pentagram.
Unfortunately the Litl at $700 feels overpriced.
Via Pentagram.