Belkin Flip: Monitor sharing

The Belkin Flip is a somewhat attractive and more elegant implementation of the ugly brown monitor switch boxes I see in all the diy shops in Taiwan. Though I hate the idea of adding more wires to my desktop this looks like an excellent way to manage both my server and my laptop from the same location. I do wonder if having to use a vga adaptor would be a comprise in terms of quality. From Pop Gadget:

It’s simple. Just place the remote anywhere on your desk and press to flip your monitor from one computer to another. You can also connect your old and new desktop computers, giving you instant access to files, programs, and games on both computers. Besides letting you share one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between computers, it also enables you to share one set of speakers, handy when the good ones are connected to the desktop.
Supports both PC and Mac notebook and desktop computers; features a 2-color LED that indicates which computer your Flip is accessing; comes with 2 cables to connect computers and is also available with a wireless remote.

Prices range from $49.00 US to $79.00 US. Via Pop Gadget.