Coffee Brewers

Long before I became a bag aficionado I had a love for coffee that led me to spend copious amounts of my limited funds blending expensive beans from the local shop. It helped that I lived in a neighbourhood where every second building had an Italian expresso machine. I lived in the heart of little Italy so the smell of expresso and coffee were everywhere. I never shared my neighbours love of sipping expresso, preferring it as a quick fix to sleepiness, and I have longed preferred a full cup of coffee brewed in a basket. Where I live now I am forced to set aside my love of coffee as the availability of beans is pretty much non-existant. There are coffee shops everywhere of course with their french roast and expensive expresso machines. Café Latté is nice but it isn’t coffee to me – the skill of most “barista’s” here leaves much to be desired as well. I have been relegated to the ranks of instant coffee drinker – of which each cup contains 3 tablespoons. Lately I have seen a few high-end groceries starting to carry some good quality beans so I have started to lust after some products that I can buy to brew the perfect cup and escape visiting the likes of Au Bon Pain. Here are a few of the products I am thinking of …

KitchenAid Pro Line Single-Carafe Coffee Maker

This 12-cup coffee maker features a die-cast metal construction and stainless-steel 1350-watt heat pump. The unit’s full-dispersion showerhead sprays the entire filter basket with hot water while its “time since brew” display helps determine the freshness of coffee at a glance, showing 30, 60, 90, and 120-minute quadrants of the elapsed time since brewing. The appliance is designed with a stainless-steel brew basket, a front-fill water reservoir that is easy to fill or empty, and an adjustable warming-plate temperature. Other useful features include a digital clock, a 24-hour programmable timer, audible alert tones, as well as automatic shutoff for added safety. If you don’t have time this looks to me to be a great choice. Costs about $299US.
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Eva Solo Cafe Solo Coffee Maker 20-oz

I currently use a bodum coffee press which unfortunately has somehow had the rubber filter rendered unusable. I like the method but it is really dependant on the type of filter and grind used. My Bodem always leaked grinds but I wasn’t really able to change grinds as I could never find beans here to grind on my own. Press pots, vacuum brewers and the Cafe Solo all use a similar brewing method: total immersion brewing. It means that all the coffee is in contact with all the brewing water for the same period. Total immersion brewing is a great way to make coffee. It allows for full and complete extraction, especially when proper water temperatures are used. The Cafe Solois a beautiful work of art. $70US.
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Eva Solo Milk and Sugar Set
Archetype Series Mugs
Morning Mugs.

Cloth Coffee Filter

Some of the best coffee I’ve had has been on the streets of Bangkok where the coffee makers all use specially prepared beans and a simple cloth sack in which to brew it in. Thai. coffee really is a treat after a late night out (or during to keep you going). Environmentally friendly fine coffee. Quick. Cheap. Easy to do. Just pay attention to the principals of good coffee: good grinder, good water, good whole bean, proper temperatures, and proper filter. The cost is pretty negligible. You can buy cloth coffee filters fairly cheaply and build the cradle out of heavy wire (it’s what I do when I am trekking).