Etymotic ER-4S Sealed Headphone

With the popularity of the iPod and our ever increasingly noisy urban environments, the chances of suffering from hearing loss seem greater then ever. I know from personal experience as I suffer with a permanent mild ringing in my ears from years of being a working musician. Now that I live in one of the noisiest places on earth where noise pollution seems to be worshiped I seldom have the opportunity to listen to music unless in one of those rare quiet spots for fear of going deaf. The Etymotic ER-4S sealed headphones (inear) are a great solution offering 23db of isolation.
The Etymotic ER-4S provide excellent sound quality while being small enough for traveling ease. The chances of hearing damage are actually lessened with the Etys because of their amazing isolation—you don’t need to turn them up as loud to overcome ambient noise. They come with two types of earpieces: black foam tips and white flanged rubber tips. The ER-4S also include a shirt clip that serves dual functions: to keep tension from the cord off the ears, and to deaden microphonic sound (sound made by contact with the cable). The Etys are terminated to a mini with a 5-ft. cord, and come in a nice, plastic maintenance case that contains the following: 3 pairs of white flanged rubber tips; 5 pairs of black foam tips; 2 green filters; a changing tool; a shirt clip; a carrying pouch; and a 1/4 inch adapter.
Check out the Etymotic site or try buying them at the Ear Plug Guy.