Google phone article round-up

The Google phone, paraphrasing from Apple’s classic line, might be the phone for the rest of us. The rest of us being those like me who don’t have access to Apple’s iPhone.
At first glance it lacks the elegance of the iPhone but elegance (and in some cases reliability) has never been a strong point for HTC. Other then design, the only real criticism I have is that I hesitate tying all my mobile communications with Google. And will their be any Google phone to Mac desktop syncing? I’m looking forward to a wider non-US release.
Here is a collection of articles I have been following since the initial announcement:
Android vs. the iPhoneMany believe this is the first real challenge the iPhone is seeing, and much of the marketing for it seems to be aimed right at the iPhone and its limitations.
With Google Phone, HTC Comes Out of the ShadowsThe Taiwanese electronics manufacturer was chosen by Google more than two years ago to build the first mobile phone based on its “Android” software in large part because of its proven ability to design and build head-turning mobile devices.
T-Mobile Lifts 1 GB Bandwidth Cap for Google Phone
T-Mobile G1 first hands-on
Hands on with HTC’s Google phoneT-Mobile, Google and High Tech Computer (HTC) unveiled the highly anticipated Android phone in New York on Tuesday, and I got a chance to try out the new handset at HTC’s office in Taipei.
The applications on board are by far the coolest feature of the handset, especially Google Maps Street View, which on the handset, allows a person to view a snapshot of an entire street scene at any of several U.S. cities.

Android and T-Mobile G1’s Five Worst Flaws
Amazon: 6 million DRM-free songs on T-Mobile G1
Walt Mossberg on the G1In sum, the G1 is a powerful, versatile device which will offer users a real alternative in the new handheld computing category the iPhone has occupied alone.
HTC G1 Specs
Boing Boing’s overview“We share a vision of making the mobile internet practical and fun,” Chou said. “I’ve been working in this industry very long time. The Android phone is nimble, flexible and powerful. … it’s a fundamental shift in how people use the internet.”