Laptop Cool Feet

If it wasn’t for the din of the office air conditioner the whine from my Powerbook’s fan would be the loudest noise in the room. When the ambient temperature gets high I wonder if the machine will actually explode. This is the price we pay when we buy gear that works so hard, something my mum is discovering having just spent most of our usual regular Sunday night call grilling me on why her new MacBook ‘laptop’ was so hot she couldn’t use it on her lap. Bluelounge’s Cool Feet look like a simple answer to the problem.
Cool feet are 4 small ‘feet’ with suction cups at the end that attach to the bottom of your laptop, allowing the heat to be dispersed properly. An added benefit is that in raising your laptop they also allow for greater ease in typing. I think they might also be a safeguard against accidental spills when working at a café. $12.95 from BlueLounge.