Logitech’s LX3 optical mouse

One of the unfortunate side effects of spending an increasingly excessive amount of time working in front of a computer is that I believe I have the onset of some early symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome (mentioned before here). At least there is some discomfort and stiffness. As beautiful as they may be I blame at least in part my use of Apple made mice. Having always used Apple’s one button mice by default I have really no clue about what is available nor do I know what I should be looking for. Currently I am trying Logitech’s LX3 optical mouse, the best non-wireless mouse the local electronics store had on offer. It’s a bit disappointing in how it fits in my hand but using a mouse like this is like a revolution. Two buttons and a scroll wheel who would have thought how useful that would be! I’m going to keep looking, I want something that is larger and as a result a better fit for my hand. At only $24.99US list it’s certainly worth giving a try.