MacBook Thinnovation

It’s “ultrathin, ultraportable, and ultra unlike anything else” but it’s still not a fitting replacement for it’s stubby predecessor.
Typically for Apple the MacBook Air marries complicated engineering with a beautiful and easy to use form. Looking at the press photos one would think it’s almost impossible to make a notebook so thin and light. If able to handle the rigors of use I think it will be the option for those needing the ultimate in mobility.
But unfortunately I am still without a true replacement for my aging 12-inch Powerbook. I don’t need nor can I afford a secondary machine which is what this would be for me. I prefer to use laptops for everything and tend to take them everywhere. I need (almost) pro-level performance in a small package.
Iā€™d have rather seen a true replacement for the 12-inch PowerBook ā€” something as wide. I don’t need a large wide screen when I am on the road and I assume that when I am in the office I will be using my large screen display (a small screen is fine for text entry which is all I would ever do outside of the office). Though I appreciate the MacBook Air, for now I’ll aim for a MacBook pro and reluctantly live with it’s large size and weight.
Apple – MacBook Air

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