OKES Lifestyle Bike

okes lifestyle bike
Beautiful sleek lines and great use of materials, the frame is composed of French Oak wood (though perhaps not as practical as bamboo), are part of what helps to create an amazingly stylish set of wheels. I think I was struck as much about the philosophy behind this limited edition bike and I was by the result. The designer Reinier Korsatnje writes:

In the modern society, the way you travel became more important in peoples lives. The choice of your vehicle reflects your image, culture and lifestyle. The car you drive, the bike you ride, if you take the subway and walk, it all has to do with who you are.

It’s an obvious but pretty important statement for driving the development of a new bike such as this. Great work.

Okes lifestyle bike
For more details on how the bike was built or to order visit Reinier Korsatnje’s website.