Pitotubes travel bottles

Since the American TSA cracked down on liquids on airplanes, and other airports followed suit, people have been hoarding small plastic bottles in which to carry shampoo, gel, and such. Unlike in the US or Canada, retailers here don’t often offer travel sizes so I often resort to keeping our kids flu medicine bottles. Of course these bottles aren’t designed to carry liquids at altitude and often you get a sticky mess inside the clear plastic bag you are often required to carry them in. Plastic bottles I have purchased specifically for this purpose have worn out in a few uses. Luckily, I have found a solution which should appeal to those looking for a long lasting more upscale solution.
Pitotubes, launched by Alisa Driscoll, a former flight attendant, are clear, refillable bottles made from the highest quality PETG (hard) recyclable plastic. They are small enough to meet the carry-on limit but are also durable enough to be placed in checked baggage without concern for leakage. No more leaky mess and no more confiscated tubes.
Pitotubes travel bottles can be purchased individually or as part of a set at the Pitotubes website.