Rooney Stainless Steel Traveller Shaving Brush

When I was taking inventory of essentials for traveling over the upcoming holidays I came across my old shaving brush that I bought a few years back. I remembered when my father used to use one and seeing as their was only one brush available in the whole city I bought it. Not just the brush but the whole soap, bowl, and brush kit. The only problem was that I could never get comfortable using the cream and my face would always be a mess of cuts and scrapes. So my attempts at being retro. cool with my shaving have been shelved.
But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a cool part of your morning get up kit.
With the Rooney Ivory / Stainless Steel Traveller Brush you can impress your lady with your new found English colonial style. This travellers version of my fathers venerable shaving brush features super grade badger fill set into stainless steel. The whole brush is designed for travel as the brush sits inside an imitation ivory tube protecting your bag from the residue of your shaving cream.
R A Rooney, London brushmakers have been in business for over 2 centuries with Rooney opening their first branch in 1796 in London at Bishopsgate.£88.99.
Buy it at the Gentleman’s Shop.

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  1. Where ever you are going don’t forget to keep with you stainless steel traveler brush. Always keep with you while traveling its better to use any other brush. With this brush you can get classic shave on your face.