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simon oxley birds
I’ve been a fan of Simon Oxley’s iconic illustrations since first coming across his work whilst searching for stock 4 or 5 years ago. I love his sense of humor, obvious skill and unique ability to weave fantasy with the everyday in his work. When I was a creative director in a small local magazine I had an all to brief oportunity to work with him on an editorial illustration and it was a thrill to see his ideas visualised. I’ve been using his stock regularly ever since.

simon oxley illustration
This past summer he did an interview with Michael Cavna of the Washington Post’s Comic Riffs where he discusses his influences and his famous twitter bird.

The question of influences, or at least clearly defined influences, is a difficult question to answer. I am in my 40th year, so I have been exposed to a relatively diverse amount of people who themselves have passions for various activities. As a designer, I find reference points everywhere and try to always look deeper than the surface. An interest in history feeds my curiosity for what came before and sometimes helps to answer questions of why people have made the decisions they have — where we have arrived, etc.
Relocating to another culture gave me the opportunity to be selective when tuning into media channels and eavesdropping [on] people’s conversations in public spaces (which I didn’t understand). In my home country, I am forced to listen and decipher anything I hear people discussing, whereas in Japan I can easily ignore chatter and concentrate on my chosen subject at any one time. This is not to say that I lead a hermit-like existence — I just enjoy the opportunity to be a little more selective. The Interview: ‘Twitter Bird’ Artist Simon Oxley.

simon oxley illustration
simon oxley illustration
Check out his workspace in Fukuoka, pictured below, which appears on the site share some candy.
simon oxley's desk in Fukuoka
simon oxley illustration
See also an Interview with Simon Oxley on Vector Tuts.
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