Zaum Eco-friendly iPhone case

zaum iphone case
I dislike the usual fumble I go through when I look for my business card case hidden somewhere within the recesses of my laptop bag. I like to keep my cards close to the tool that I am using for that particular occasion, usually that’s a notebook, where I place a small collection of cards in a little pocket on the last page.
More often than a notebook I am carrying in hand my mobile and I have come to appreciate cases like this one from Zaum that include a little pocket sewn onto the exterior of the case. The Eco-i (I thought it spelt e.coli at first) is made to fit all manner of iPhone and is made entirely from 100% recycled PET felt. Not only is it environmentally friendly but this material should keep your iPhone scratch and dust free.
Zaum Eco-i Eco-friendly iPhone case