5 Best Cases for the Kindle Paperwhite

Reminiscent of some of Apples original device designs, early Kindles were among my favourite devices of all time. Sure it wasn’t the easiest device to use, but it’s dogged adherence to fulfilling it’s one niche works well for me. Despite my love for the device, and we have a few in our household, recent Kindles are not known for their build quality, the Kindle Paperwhite included. Protecting your Paperwhite with the right case will save the screen from scratches and might just save the device from some catastrophic fall. Especially so when young slippery hands are involved. My criteria for selecting a case is quite simple, it should be priced accordingly for a mass market product, it should protect while not adding unnecessary bulk, and it should be somewhat attractive. The following are five of the most readily available cases for the Paperwhite that fit the above criteria.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover

Made by (or for) Amazon this case features an attractive leather exterior alluding to the Kindles analogue lineage. The most expensive of the five, the form fitted interior secures your device without straps covering the front, will wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover. Reviews of the case are generally positive.


OMOTON Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover

The OMOTON presents the best value out of my selection by offering exceptional protection in a case that is attractive and very aggressively priced. The exterior of the case consists of a non-slip leather-like material, textured plastic shell, and an interior with a soft microfibre interior. Importantly, the OMOTON automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the cover is opened or closed. Reviews of the case are pretty much universally positive.


Fintie Folio Case

Very similar to the OMOTON case in terms of price and protection, the Fintie Folio Case has all of the features you find in OMOTON but with a far more noticeable faux leather exterior. For me this is a major drawback but for many (hi mom) the faux leather is very attractive. Very reasonably priced and general positive reviews.


Poetic Vertical Flip Cover Case

If reading handsfree is important to you than the Poetic Vertical Flip Cover Case is worth a look. Weighing just 3.8oz, this plastic case like the others will automatically turn on when opened and turn off when closed. The exterior is Faux leather, straps hold your Kindle tight, and you have easy access to all ports. The two reading positions seem perfect for when you don’t want to hold your Kindle while reading.


Marblue SportGrip Paperwhite Cover

This case is made from cushioned, soft, durable high-grade silicone and importantly is available in a variety of very very bright colors. It doesn’t have the features of the others but it’s worthy of consideration if you love the feel of the material and want a case with more fun color. Despite all the silicon, the case still allows for complete access to all ports, buttons, and speakers.