12 Back-to-School Laptop Bags

If mobility to you means heading to campus then now might be a good time to get started thinking about new gear for the coming semester. Ellen Hart of Laptop Bag Lifeline talked to a few students about what they carry in their bags and what they look for in a laptop bag. A couple highlights:

What does a typical college student carry these days?
I’m not sure if I count as typical, but the necessary things to have in my bag are my wallet, blackberry, keys, iPod, flash drives, laptop, assorted utensils (pens, pencil, white-out, mini stapler etc…the mini stapler is definitely a necessity), a few folders and project packages, a book or some sort of reading material for the commute, a water bottle and some munchies. A few other odds and ends.
How do you get to school (walk, drive, bike, transit) and how does that affect your choice of bag?
I’ve been busing, usually over an hour each way, for my entire 7 years of post-secondary education. I have my bus commute down to an art form. I’d say it has a pretty major impact on my choice of bag: the bag needs to be big enough to hold everything, but with no extra bulk (to avoid smacking other passengers in the head). It needs to be easy and quick to swing on to my lap for that smooth seat obtaining action. It needs to have enough structure to keep everything safe inside, but not too rigid so that it’s uncomfortable to hug on my lap for an hour. It needs to have some level of weather protection. Also, I need to easily be able to quickly access my bus pass and my phone. It’s a tall order.

12 laptop bags to consider:

Siamod San Francisco Messenger Bag – made with Napa Cashmere Leather.

Laurex Laptop Messenger Bag – made with water-repellant material and features a great pattern.

Hlaska Caliper Laptop Briefcase – features unique detailing, great form, and styling perfect for places where a backpack is frowned upon.

Tom Bihn ID – a bag that will last throughout college and beyond.

Modem Laptop Daypack – high quality, design, and ability to withstand all the extremes that weather and travel place upon them.

Porter Day Pack – Large enough to carry a 13″ laptop, camera, books, and or notebooks.

Timbuk2 Q Computer Backpack – Lightweight, ergonomically curved and padded shoulder straps.

Ballistic Messenger Bag – Traditional cross-body style features a built-in 15″ padded laptop sleeve that’s also accessible from the outside for easy airport checks.

Belkin 15.4-Inch Messenger Bag – cheap but attractive.

Manhattan Portage WestSide Laptop Bag – includes a posterior strap that connects to your rolling luggage for easy travel.

Tumi Townhouse Wilton Messenger – luxurious leather flap with magnetic closures and exterior phone and ticket pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Bowery messenger bag – made with rugged waxed cotton canvas.

Via Laptop Bag Lifeline: Back to School Laptop Bags

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