Laptop Bags That Make You Look Slimmer

While I give a great deal of thought to how a bag is designed in terms of its’ form, materials, usage and style, I don’t give as much thought to the effect it might have on a persons appearance. It’s not something I think of beyond the more obvious does it work with faded denims or will it suit the office.
In an article for Laptop Bag Lifeline Marsha Hallet gives advice on the effect of how your choice of bag can effect the way you look. For me it’s a whole different way of looking at bags. Here is an excerpt:

When you want to look your slimmest, it’s all about using balance and proportion to correctly define your appearance. You need to determine the correct ratio between your figure, your clothing choices, and your accessories. The shape and color of your career bag are important considerations when you want to look slimmer.
To elongate and slim your silhouette, the North/South rectangular career bag is your bag of choice.  Within that category, the most slimming look is monochromatic. When the color of your bag matches or blends with what you are wearing, your figure will appear to be more slender. If your bag hangs at your hip, you can also achieve this effect by just matching your bag to your skirt or trouser.

She continues by recommending the following bags from the Careerbags catalogue: The Theresa Kathryn Parker Laptop Tote, The Siamod Genova Vertical Laptop Tote and The Ice Red Sirocco Urban Laptop Tote.
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