MacBook Air Bag

Tom Bihn has just announced the February availability of horizontal and vertical Brain Cell laptop cases, designed specifically to fit the new thin MacBook Air. These have saved my laptops on a number of occasions and might be an absolute necessity for carrying your MacBook Air.

The Size 6X Horizontal Brain Cell will clip securely inside our ID, Ego, and Super Ego messenger bags, Empire Builder and Zephyr briefcases, Western Flyer travel/overnight convertible briefcase, and Brain Bag backpack, or slip inside your current briefcase or messenger bag. The Size 6X Vertical Brain Cell will clip securely inside of the Brain Bag backpack or slip inside your current backpack.
The TOM BIHN Brain Cell laptop case has gained a reputation for offering the best protection one can get for their laptop. For more information on the protective qualities of the Brain Cell, visit the Brain Cell page. [Tom Bihn Blog]

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