The ultra-portable for the rest of us

The ultra-portable for the rest of us
While I was asleep Apple released their update to the MacBook Air, and I think it is shaping up to be a great solution for travellers who need to work in adhoc spaces. It is going to make in some instances for a tough decision between choosing this and the iPad when traveling — the 11.6″ looks impossibly tiny.
That decision gets harder when you realize that the Air takes a number of design cues from the iPad including instant on, passable battery life, multi-touch track pad, amazing standby time and rigid unibody construction. And finally the Air, in not including an optical drive, includes a restore disc on a flash drive instead of a dvd. Like the iPad much of your data is going to stored off the device with local storage only when absolutely needed.
Pre-iPad I was a big lover of the opportunities that Netbooks provided. Their size and low cost meant that we could bring our work with us anywhere we went (I realize this is not an entirely satisfactory development) but in the initial race to the bottom they often produced unsatisfactory experiences. With the exception of the models that approach the MacBook Airs price point, most were frustratingly slow, had poor screens and terrible build quality. If the MacBook Air is able to improve upon the performance of it’s prior iteration, it’s going to be a popular choice with those who care about the quality and usability of their tools.
Both models look fantastic but I am particularly enamoured with the 11.6″.
If you are looking for a sleeve Tom Bihn announced that their Size Air11 Cache is available for pre-order with delivery in November. All of Tom Bihn’s bags are of the highest quality.