How kids consume media

tv consumption

Kids are leading the world’s transition to digital media.
This is in part because kids aren’t afraid of technology, and in part because kids haven’t spent years getting use to anything else.
So if you want to get a sense of where the world’s media habits are headed, it makes sense to watch what kids are doing.
The Kaiser Family Foundation did just that in a comprehensive survey released last year. Kaiser surveyed more than 2,000 families, and turned up all sorts of interesting information about the media habits of 8-18 year olds.

Yes, data like this has a passing professional interest but I find articles like these astounding as they illustrate just how different our lives appear to be from many others. How does anyone find the time to watch four hours of television a day? Or even find fours of television worth watching in a week. And children? My kids don’t have the time either. TV in the bedroom – impossible. The bedroom is for sleeping, reading and other activities.
Perhaps this media consumption is an indication more of passive consumption vs. being engaged. The TV is always on, a sort of soother for adults and children, but it isn’t actually being payed attention to. I can’t do that anymore – I don’t even turn on a radio if I need to focus on something; like talking to my children or reading a book.
I’m not trying to be smug but am amazed how you can develop completely different attitudes towards media consumption when you live between cultures (expats in a foreign country) and are not subject to pressures from your peers.
The Amazing Media Habits Of 8-18 Year Olds