Mobile becoming the primary way to access Internet

Photo by Robert Scobile

Photo by Robert Scoble

Although consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices as a primary outlet to the Internet, there are substantial global challenges to market on smaller-sized screens, according to a new study from the Boston Consulting Group.

The “Through the Mobile Looking Glass: The Transformative Potential of Mobile Technologies” report breaks down mobile development into three models. The report also highlights how consumers are leading the charge with the shift to mobile-first strategies.

“The main message for marketers is that clearly the mobile devices are becoming the primary way for accessing the Internet for many consumers around the world,” said David Dean at Boston Consulting Group, Boston.


Four out of five broadband connections will be mobile this year, showing how the Internet is increasingly becoming dominated by smartphones and tablets.


The Boston Consulting Group report breaks down mobile into three models that are being integrated into the global economy – collaborative, competitive and greenfield.

Each of these models can be viewed as a stack, or a set of software and hardware that drives a smartphone or other device.

Consumers who create, consume and share content through a variety of services and applications are at the top layer of a stack.

Underneath consumers are the layers that enable the consumer to interact with their mobile device – including carriers, service providers and networks.

“I think mobile is going to become the primary source of interaction for many consumers throughout the world,” he said.

“Many talk about mobile-first in their plans, which is essentially are saying about their devices.”

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