On Blogs and Blogging

Writing about my blog or blogging in general feels too ‘meta’ to me, it’s best to leave that up to the Adsense cash cows, but Om Malik’s reflections on his experience is an interesting read and has some valuable insight worth sharing.

Today we differentiate between blogging on blogging platforms and sharing on social platforms, but that is just semantics. The essence of blogging is not defined by a platform but by what I learned from Dave and his blogging platform — that media now is raw, collaborative and instantaneous.

Unlike Om Malik I can’t write a detailed history. I have had a personal site or blog for over 14 years now – at first it was an experiment, an exercise to learn something new, then it evolved into short twitter style entries detailing my life overseas. All this was done by hand as the exhausting amount of platforms didn’t exist then. I posted my resume and a portfolio of my work, I read the handful of blogs that existed in the beginning to learn, and tried to do the same by sharing links and insights I found. For a while I had an early and fun project sharing street photographs of life in Asia, which though I’m not a skilled photographer is probably one of my most enjoyable personal projects. I’ve tried all kinds of fun online experiments and some not so fun, like the largely unknown first internal corporate blogging venture at a ‘big company’ I worked for. I would be hired again much later to try and reinstate that culture of sharing. Then with new interests came the experiment I called Popwuping, a half dozen other blogs, twitter and increasingly more time on a site I have mixed feelings about called Facebook. Sharing, or curating as the more hip and skilled would call it, is very much a part of my personal and professional practice. Writing, especially in the long form, not always so much so.
I don’t post regularly, one of Om Malik’s lessons I’m about to share, and perhaps I should apologize for that but I seldom assume people notice. Here are a few of his lessons that I feel strongly about during my experience:

Write everything as if your mom is reading your work, a good way to maintain civility and keep your work comprehensible.
Blogging is not about opinion but it is about viewing the world in a certain way and sharing it with others how you look at things. I share the things I see as interesting and shared my view of the world.
Being authentic in your thoughts and voice is the only way to survive the test of time.

… and forget the SEO nonsense.
Om Malik: My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too